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Alliance Laundry Systems demonstrates further innovation and leadership in commercial laundry solutions

Primus launches radical alternative to existing ‘dry clean’ with better results

UniMac delivers everything you need to know about OPL solutions

(HOST, Milan, 23-27 Oct, 2015) Alliance Laundry Systems (ALS), the leading worldwide manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment, will launch SoftWash – a radical new cleaning process that uses the minimum amount of water and energy to achieve the maximum cleaning performance on some of the most challenging garments and fabrics, without the use of extensive and potentially toxic chemicals.

Developed by Primus, a brand of ALS, SoftWash is a ‘dry-to-dry’ process that differs from ‘traditional’ wet cleaning in that it is effective on oil stains, and does not shrink, wrinkle or fade the colours of the materials being cleaned, including silk.

SoftWash gives current laundry operators or new investors the opportunity to expand the portfolio of garments they can clean to include leather jackets, house textiles, furniture coverings and even water and fire-proof garments. This in turn provides additional revenue opportunities for existing customers, as well as the chance to further extend the customer base.

ALS will also use Host to launch a new handbook that provides everything a manager needs to know about delivering an effective on-premises laundry (OPL) solution.

Developed by UniMac, a sister brand to Primus and the number one choice for OPL professionals worldwide, the UniMac ‘Expert’ folder is a highly detailed document that explores such critical areas as laundry design, analyses of laundry operations, and a breakdown of products available within the UniMac range with full bid and technical specifications. It is aimed especially at international, national and regional hotel groups.

The folder does not ‘assume’ knowledge and is relevant both to the experienced OPL professional as well as consultants who may be new to the OPL environment and its complexities. It delivers all of the expert advice needed to plan a new facility, and a clear understanding of the full range of UniMac equipment available.

The level of detail is exhaustive: template layouts of hotel OPL environments are included, for example, depending on the volume of output required and the size of the facility; data is also included with appropriate analysis on such critical factors as moisture extraction, plumbing layouts and dynamic loads.

The binder contains machine dimensions and specifications of all UniMac products, alongside practical summaries of our washer/extractors, barrier washers, tumble dryers and drying ironers to highlight specific features and benefits.


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