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B&M Waste secures five-year diversion from landfill deal

Carbon neutral waste management company, B&M Waste Services has secured its commitment to diversion of waste from landfill for a further five years, through an agreement with Remondis and ARN BV.

ARN BV are an energy producing company that purely uses secondary fuels. With the new contract, B&M Waste Services will provide the secondary fuels (refuse derived fuel) that ARN can then process into energy. This process is an innovative and sustainable one that serves a public interest in protecting the environment whilst recovering the thermal energy from the fuel.

With the new TEEP Waste Legislation, that came in to effect in January 2015, all business should know that they need to separate their waste where they can. By using B&M Waste, companies not only receive cost effective recycling methods and segregation options, but also peace of mind that their residual waste is avoiding landfill and cutting the emissions of methane and other greenhouse gases..

B&M opened their own RDF processing facility back in 2014. This is where waste is sorted, and any remaining recyclable material removed, before it is baled and sent on to ARN BV’s energy plant -where green energy is created from the waste, and used in the local area.

Neil Curtis, managing director at B&M Waste Services, said:

“As a Carbon Neutral Company it’s essential to B&M and all our customers that we can provide a green alternative to landfill. Our aim has always been to divert as much waste away from landfill as possible and with this new five year deal with ARN BV we will be able to continue to work towards our aim of 100 per cent diversion.”

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