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Bad Smells


Bad smells are never a good thing, but they are far more prevalent in summer than they are in winter. Heat and humidity are a breeding ground for bacteria, allowing the associated smells to travel further and faster. CHT looks ...

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Gleaming facilities make shopping a pleasure

A recent lifestyle survey declared that shopping was the most popular leisure pursuit for families, a new reality well understood by shopping centre managers. What makes a shopping centre a magnet for visitors? Fine-tuned facility services are crucial, says Bernard ...

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The hygiene myth

It is generally assumed that being as clean as physically possible is a good thing. But then again you often hear stories of microorganisms developing resistance to antibiotics, of children who are never exposed to germs not developing a great ...

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Expect the uninfected

When it comes to infections we are constantly told that prevention is better than cure. CHT investigates what steps can be taken to make sure you don’t have an outbreak in your workplace So first of all, what is an ...

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Schooling cleaners

Cleaning in schools and colleges is very different from cleaning a normal office, there are a whole host of specific rules, regulations and advice to take into account. CHT casts its eye over some of the most important According to ...

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Obsessive compulsive cleaning

Over recent years more and more people have become aware of the trials and pitfalls surrounding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Films like The Aviator and celebrities “coming out” about the illness have seen it properly enter the public consciousness. It ...

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Bed bugs

The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) recently recorded a resurgence of bed bugs in the UK: between 2013-2014, local authorities reported a 21 per cent increase in treatments since 2011. More international travel, the growing trend for second hand furniture ...

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Washroom Tech

Technology has an impact on every area of our lives today – and that includes the washrooms. Jamie Wright from Tork manufacturers SCA shares some insights into the effects of technology on the toilet Going to the toilet is one ...

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Mean to be Green

So-called ‘green cleaning’ may be the right thing to do, but hard-pressed facilities managers need to square that virtuous circle with tight cleaning budgets and the expectations of their client and customers. Carl Robinson, marketing manager of cleaning and FM ...

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What encapsulates carpet care?

Carpets have never gone out of fashion. But many do look jaded, marked by neglect, and destined for premature replacement. Stephen Pinhorne, national sales manager of Truvox International, explains why the regular deep clean encapsulates carpet care Carpet care begins ...

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