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Washroom tech

Washroom specification is a serious business in the public sector. Not only must building operators ensure adequate prevention of MRSA, Legionella, Pseudomonas and other dangerous infections but there is also the issue of hot water safety to consider – no ...

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Don’t slip up!

Recent consultation on health and safety sentencing is a ticking time bomb which could force businesses into action over their health and safety standards, says Craig McKay from Kärcher Professional Recent consultation around a possible shake-up of health  and safety sentencing ...

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Swept Away

Don’t be bamboozled by technology or blinkered by ‘the way we’ve always done things’. Stephen Pinhorne, UK national sales manager of Truvox International, points out traps to avoid when investing in vacuums and sweepers Facility managers and cleaning contractors today ...

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If you ever get bored at work, there are few things more fun than looking back at the olden days and reading predictions about the future. Flying cars, moon bases and the utter ridiculousness of the internet are well known ...

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Workplace Trends

How has the typical workplace changed in the past 25 years and what impact has this had on health and hygiene? Charlotte Boniface from Tork manufacturer SCA considers the effects that trends such as hot-desking, new technology and the diminishing ...

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Turbocharge your staff

Companies with employees who are highly engaged have fewer sick days and accidents, and higher performance and profits. Joanne Pollard, training, development and quality manager of Nviro, shares 10 simple steps to achieve all this and better customer service too ...

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What’s lurking on your desk?

Sickness season is upon us. Cold and flu viruses lurk in every corner of the office, as our colleagues cough and splutter through the day. Sometimes getting ill can’t be avoided, but there are precautions you can take to avoid ...

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The Calm after the Storm. Or not.

Barely a year goes by without some sort of freak weather. Floods, gale force winds, even heat waves have all become facts of life in Britain. Our weather-obsessed media will bombard us with facts and figures, plaster pictures all over ...

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The Wrong Washroom

All of us need to cut costs, but choosing the cheapest washroom system can lead to flushing away a fortune down the loo. Charlotte Boniface from Tork manufacturer SCA looks at smart washroom systems that will save the customer money ...

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Old Wives’ Tale?

Every household has its own traditions and beliefs, nuggets of knowledge that have been passed down from generation to generation. Most people outside the households will dismiss these ideas as unscientific or incorrect, especially when it comes to cleaning and ...

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