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Introducing COVGUARD SHYCOCAN, a breakthrough innovation against coronavirus in enclosed spaces

COVGUARD SHYCOCAN is a breakthrough innovation now available to defend against coronavirus within enclosed spaces. The device, launched by BV Consulting, is designed to disarm, disable and protect against COVID-19, providing real-time protection in buildings. It works by releasing safe, ...

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Leobot wins the Amsterdam Innovation award 2020

Interclean Amsterdam Online has announced the winner of the Amsterdam Innovation Award. The overall winner – out of a total of 86 entries – of the Amsterdam Innovation Award 2020 is: Leobot by Lionsbot. LeoBot by LionsBot, a family of floor cleaning robots, is capable of performing a range of tasks. This socialised robot is ...

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Introducing a new era of washroom solutions: Satino by WEPA

WEPA Professional, a leading provider of sustainable, environmentally-friendly paper and washroom solutions in Europe, is introducing Satino by WEPA; a new brand of cleaning and hygiene products for the UK market. Launching this autumn, the extensive range will offer everything ...

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£7m investment by Northwood Consumer set to boost capacity by over 300%

Northwood Consumer Ltd, formerly Freedom Paper Products, a division of Northwood, has made a number of significant investments in its manufacturing capabilities to further facilitate growth of its rapidly expanding retail and cash and carry market sectors. Demand for Northwood’s ...

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Northwood launches new proprietary washroom system

Following a major investment in its Telford plant, manufacturer and supplier of Away-from-Home (AfH) professional paper hygiene and wiping products, Northwood Hygiene Products Ltd, is launching a new proprietary washroom system featuring an industry first. Offering hygiene, cost-in-use, performance and ...

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Businesses save time with new device-specific batteries

Over the course of 2020, we have seen much more importance given to operational and professional battery-powered devices across a range of applications including medical devices, automated hand-sanitiser dispensers, property management sensors, power tools, and security devices to name a ...

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