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Diversey launches new brand identity

Diversey-new_logo_4_0_0Global hygiene and cleaning company, Diversey, has launched a new brand identity, vision and values to ensure it remains modern and relevant to all of its audiences.

The new brand, which is the result of extensive research with key stakeholder groups around the world, aims to be strong and distinctive to differentiate the company from its competitors in a global marketplace as well as support future strategic aims. The new branding also reflects the scale of the pioneering company’s ambitions under the leadership of President & CEO Dr. Ilham Kadri. 

Diversey is prominent across a range of sectors, including building care, health care, hospitality, facility management, retail and food service, in addition to food and beverage. The rebranding announcement is key evidence of intent from the newly independent company which was acquired from former parent company – the Sealed Air Corporation – by leading private investment firm, Bain Capital Private Equity in September 2017.

Diversey is now a standalone company, comprising the former Sealed Air Diversey Care division and the food hygiene solution business. It is set to be based in new corporate headquarters in York County, South Carolina in the first quarter of 2018.

Diversey is pledging to place customers at the very heart of its business, and of everything it does. This “customer-centric” ethos delivers an ethical, responsible and tailored cleaning and hygiene service that does not neglect the bottom line; with Diversey promising to deliver significant productivity improvements, lower total operating costs and brand protection for their customers.

The new identity was honed under the auspices of senior management drawing on counsel from London-based branding experts BrandOpus. The new branding seeks to re-emphasise the considerable range of strengths that have long been identified in Diversey’s rise to global pre-eminence.

Dr. Kadri reflected on the redefined ethical dimension, which she identified as an existing strength in the market, but which has been placed centre stage as a key characteristic of the new company’s approach. She commented: “Diversey plays an essential role in keeping people safe in so many key sectors that we are reaffirming our ethical ideals which we view as empowering to both our staff and our customers. As a company we are courageous in our convictions – no matter the challenge, we seek to do the right thing. Our ethics are at the heart of our business, they are non-debatable and embraced by all employees no matter their role.”

With 94 years of expertise and knowledge, the company is now placing more emphasis on the company’s role as “Facilitators for life,” whereby the broader ethical awareness and commitments to sustainability – such as clean water and safe food; along with abundant energy and healthy environments. This is linked with the care Diversey displays for people regardless of status.

Rafael Echevarria, VP of Corporate Communications, explained: “We deliver a vital service to our customers. Care is embedded in everything we do, and everything we believe. Our business is fundamentally about people. We put people first whether that be the cleaner, employee or customer. This gives our customers total confidence to enable their businesses to grow and thrive.”

Diversey says its new brand strategy is fundamental to its continuing success. In summarising the company’s future, Echevarria said: “Diversey is a pioneer of the future and creators of connection. We believe cleaning and hygiene are life essentials. Our ambition is to continue our long legacy with a renewed energy and focus. We will responsibly and responsively deliver eective hygiene solutions and ecient cleaning technologies for our staff, our customers, our planet and our owners long-term benefit.” 


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