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Electrolux Professional partners with Renzacci UK

Electrolux Professional has announced a new partnership with Renzacci UK, which will see the dry cleaning, laundry and finishing equipment supplier become a Platinum Strategic Partner of Electrolux’s lagoon Advanced Care wet-cleaning system.

According to Electrolux, the collaboration will give Renzacci the opportunity to capitalise on the growing interest in quicker and more sustainable enhancements to a traditional laundry offering, as more dry cleaners begin to realise the benefits of solvent-free cleaning.

Lagoon Advanced Care uses a water-based cleaning technique, the new system provides all the benefits of water with the speed and simplicity of solvent-based cleaning processes, but in a way which is kind to the environment and laundry operators alike.

As water is the solvent in the process, no toxic substances are used in the procedure, making it environmentally friendly, while Electrolux Professional says the shorter process time guarantees garments can be taken from dry to dry, through a premium cleaning cycle within one hour and with minimal finishing required.

Phillip Armstrong, B2C segment manager at Electrolux Professional, commented:

“There is no question that interest in wet-cleaning is on the rise, not only amongst dry cleaners, but also within the hospitality sector where valet services provide a valuable source of income. Our partnership with Renzacci is the beginning of an exciting new chapter for both parties and for the laundry industry as a whole.”

The partnership will be launched with an official unveiling at Renzacci’s Feltham showroom on 29 March.

Those interested in attending this event are invited to register their interest by emailing epr.info@electrolux.com

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