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Farewell to scaffold

Mark Styles, managing director at Thomann-Hanry explains how its unique system – façade gommage – offers an alternative to scaffold in the exterior cleaning industry

As ‘falls from height’ remains one of the most common causes of fatalities and major injuries in the construction industry today, with more than five incidents every day, managing director of leading building cleaning and restoration company Thomann-Hanry, Mark Styles, calls on the property industry to avoid scaffold when possible, especially when cleaning the exterior of buildings.

“In the building cleaning industry today, the use of scaffold is largely avoidable bringing huge benefits to the safety of workers who can instead work from the more secure environment of an enclosed cabin. With frequent incidents, the reassurance of cleaning a building without the use of scaffold is appealing to the workforce as well as the proprietor. We want to highlight this and help re-enforce this message across the industry.” comments Mark Styles.

In addition to the safety implications, avoiding unsightly scaffold when exterior cleaning works take place ensures business can run as usual, minimising loss of trade, maximising profit potential and maintaining an ‘as normal’ functionality, whatever the business – especially beneficial to those in retail or the hospitality trade.

Thomann-Hanry is currently in the process of cleaning Primark on Oxford Street, London – with a high footfall location maintaining the flow of trade is critical to the business and was a driving force as to why façade gommage was chosen as opposed to scaffolding.

Lack of scaffold also ensures vastly improved security during the operational period – a particular benefit to sectors where security is paramount such as banks or hotels.

Mark Styles continues: “When considering an exterior clean, using a unique system that does not require the use of scaffold, such as ‘facade gommage’ by Thomann-Hanry, is a huge benefit not only to the safety of workers but to the functioning business as works take place. Not only do we have a number of high profile banks and hotels as clients but interestingly many leading property companies – Land Securities, Grosvenor Estates to name a couple – have chosen the scaffold-free technique when cleaning their own buildings, which has to be the best endorsement ‘going scaffold-free’ can get.

Eamon Condon, contract administrator, Land Securities, commented: “Land Securities is the largest property company in the UK with a 40 metre high ‘head office’ building on one of London’s busiest streets with retail tenants below. When Thomann-Hanry approached us saying they could not only clean all the stone, aluminium and glazing from platforms but replace sealant and defective grout without scaffold as well, we were intrigued. Their systems performed exactly as they said they would and were a perfect fit with our image as an industry leader.”

With industry leaders choosing scaffold-free options and the reassurance of safer working practices, when considering your façade maintenance don’t look further than Thomann-Hanry.

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