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Hands-on hygiene

mike_sullivan-gojoGood hand hygiene plays a crucial role in helping to reduce the spread of infections. Mike Sullivan, managing director of GOJO Industries-Europe Ltd explores the options at your fingertips

Research shows that one out of four people who use the washroom do not wash their hands, and 46 per cent of people who do wash don’t wash long enough to be effective . With the global threat from pandemics such as flu, legionella and other infectious diseases ever present, hand hygiene is paramount in helping to reduce the spread of germs.

The right products and systems play a critical role in the promotion of healthy hand hygiene behaviour. To be truly successful, they need to combine good aesthetics, accessibility and ease of use, whilst being equipped with pleasant and effective hygienically advanced formulations. Innovative technology also helps, and that’s why touch-free dispensers are proving so popular. Intuitively sensing the presence of hands, they dispense just the right amount of product every time, and the fact that they are touch-free also increases their hygiene rating.

1450-d1-eeu-purell-1-coffeestation_hrEfficacy is, of course, an important issue, so only those companies who can prove the effectiveness of their soaps or their hand rubs against germs through independent scientific testing should be considered. The best products will successfully combine this with soothing, moisturising ingredients that are gentle on the skin, meaning that the products can be used again and again, safe in the knowledge that hands will be kept in good condition.

GOJO dispensers are easy to service and built to last, with performance guaranteed, and have been designed to appeal to the end user, helping to create a positive lasting impression of any facility. This is a key factor in helping to maintain and, where possible, increase hand hygiene compliance.

Two of the most popular dispenser models from the GOJO range are the LTX – The Lifetime Performance Dispenser (touch-free) and the ADX – The Anywhere Design Dispenser (manual). The LTX and ADX systems carry the GOJO Lifetime Performance Guarantee. Not only do batteries come included in the LTX, but smart, trouble-free electronics enable this touch-free dispenser to use a minimal amount of energy per use, eliminating the need to change batteries during the life of the LTX in most installations.

SANITARY SEALED refills are also increasing in popularity because the product inside is protected from contamination as it is factory sealed momdaughterenteringrestaurant_3373and includes a fresh valve with each refill. All GOJO and PURELL refills are SANITARY SEALED. This means that the soap is never open to the environment and so cross contamination from the air or other sources is prevented

With hand hygiene being vitally important, products need to be accessible to the user. The PURELL ES Everywhere System is the latest innovation from GOJO and has expanded the sanitiser category by providing access to hand hygiene solutions in previously challenging locations such as food handling environments and mobile facilities.

Designed to bridge the gap between dispensers and bottles the PURELL ES Everywhere System is the smallest and most versatile PURELL system in the market. It combines premium aesthetics with the trusted PURELL Advanced Hygienic Hand Rub, offering innovative placement options, ideal in a variety of settings, with the ultimate in germ-killing effectiveness.

Combining technologically advanced formulations and state-of-the-art dispensing systems with education, awareness and support is the best approach to help organisations champion hand hygiene best practise and ultimately reduce the spread of infection.

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