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How to implement a waste management system

Marcus Sanders, Group Marketing Director at waste management specialists WCRS Ltd, explains how to implement the best waste management solution for your business.

The subject of waste is a weighty one. The UK produces over 200 million tonnes each year with around a quarter of this making its way into landfill. Simply dumping our waste is not only environmentally damaging, it is completely unsustainable. The Government is committed to reducing this volume of waste year on year. Its Clean Growth Strategy, released in October 2017, reaffirmed this commitment, stating a new target of becoming a zero avoidable waste economy by 2050.

Current UK waste policy is based on the EU waste hierarchy, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. More often than not, the majority of us accept and buy in to this protocol but not enough of us commit to implement it!

Despite Brexit looming, the laws and targets look set, for the foreseeable future at least, to remain the same and disposal to landfill should remain a last resort.

WCRS_JML-at-event---CopyWith research suggesting that around a quarter of all UK waste is business waste (from any commercial activity, including construction, demolition, industry and agriculture) it is becoming increasingly vital for companies to implement an effective waste strategy. Disposal comes at a high price, not just in environmental terms but financially too. The Standard Landfill tax sits currently at £86.10 per tonne and will rise to almost £89 per tonne from 1 April next year. The Government is likely to continue to increase this further to encourage businesses to recycle more waste. In the majority of cases, it’s now more cost effective to recycle than to send to landfill.

A waste management policy for your business makes commercial sense. It should increase recycling rates, reduce levels of waste to landfill, save your company money and enhance your green credentials. But for many businesses, waste management can be daunting or often seen as a low priority and some just don’t know where to start.

This is where an experienced and knowledgeable waste and recycling partner can step in and help. By providing tailored waste management and recycling solutions for your organisation and supporting you through a simple audit and strategic plan through to implementation, it can really take the headache out of waste management and bring with it various benefits.

Waste management company WCRS, for instance, has over 20 years of experience and offers a bespoke recycling and waste management solution for all types of organisation, across all sectors of industry. With multiple waste streams, there is no waste the company cannot handle. WCRS works collaboratively with its clients to formulate a tailored plan and ensure each business is up-to-date with all legislation, regulations and administrative responsibilities.

Driven by a more consultative approach, WCRS provides customers with a comprehensive audit that covers all aspects of customers’ Duty of Care including waste management practices, suppliers and disposal routes. These audits not only ensure compliance but also identify areas for cost reduction and improved performance.

WCRS_Clear-signpostingFor those organisations with multi-site and multi-waste streams (including, but not restricted to, Dry Mixed Recyclables, Food, Confidential, Clinical, Packaging and Hazardous), it is beneficial to work with a waste management company able to provide a single contract for all recycling and waste management requirements, with one point of contact, one monthly invoice and one comprehensive set of reports and measures.

WCRS can also provide a range of safe, convenient and cost effective internal and external containers as well as waste handling equipment such as compactors and balers. The company works with over 350 local suppliers so your waste can be dealt with regionally, reducing your waste miles and supporting your local community.

The road to zero waste is a shared one where every person and every business has their part to play. A reliable and customer centric waste management partner will manage all your waste streams in the most effective and efficient way possible, challenging the status quo and bringing innovative new ideas to the table.. It’s important to select a company that relishes the challenge of finding environmentally responsible solutions for difficult and obscure wastes too with the expertise to potentially reduce your costs, increase your recycling and achieve your corporate and social responsibilities.

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