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INTERCLEAN Amsterdam adds On-Premise-Laundry section

Interclean-Amsterdam-logoLooking to meet increased demand, INTERCLEAN Amsterdam has expanded the scope of the show for the second time.

Taking place from 15-18 May 2018 at RAI Amsterdam, INTERCLEAN Amsterdam has already expanded to accommodate 12 halls of manufacturers from across the full spectrum of the cleaning and hygiene industry. Now, it is growing again to add several new side events and segments – in particular a dedicated area for the On-Premise-Laundry (OPL) sector.

“Having already sold 95 per cent of the floor space available for INTERCLEAN Amsterdam 2018, it’s remarkable that we still have demand for more from a range of businesses,” said Rob den Hertog, Director INTERCLEAN. “The OPL section will provide a welcome new addition to the event, expanding our attendees’ access to innovative laundry equipment and services.”

With many businesses looking to exploit the potential for a reduction in operational costs offered by OPL, the demand for exhibitors in this sector has been huge. This means that, for the first time, OPL businesses will have their own dedicated area for demonstrating products to potential customers.

Located in Hall 8, the OPL area will feature 16 stands that give manufacturers and vendors a platform for showcasing their newest and most innovative products, equipment and services. It also gives attendees from a wide range of industries – from healthcare to hospitality – the chance to explore their options with regards to improving the quality of their laundry services.

This expansion comes at a time when businesses are questioning the efficacy of their outsourced laundry services. While seeing it as a convenient option, many companies have begun to doubt the financial sense of outsourcing – realising they can reduce their operational costs by bringing these functions in-house.

With new, more cost-effective equipment hitting the market, businesses have the ability to take greater control of their laundry services and guarantee their quality. They also have the opportunity to put more efficient measures in place with the aim of meeting sustainability targets and demonstrating a commitment to corporate social responsibility to their customers and end users.

There is a new desire to move laundry in-house, which creates a huge opportunity for equipment vendors and suppliers to reach a much larger audience – something they will have the platform to achieve at INTERCLEAN Amsterdam.

On display in the OPL area will be a wide range of washing machines, dryers, accessories and laundry supplies. Vendors will demonstrate innovative features, like simple programming systems and USB interfaces, designed to make the laundry process more efficient. This will show that organisations looking to bring their laundry services in-house can calibrate their machines to meet their exact requirements – driving improvements in the quality of laundry care and making a powerful case for OPL.

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