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ISSA/Interclean round up

This May saw a total of 30,289 professionals from 134 countries descend on Amsterdam for four days for the ISSA/Interclean show in Amsterdam. Over three quarters of the visitors came from outside the Netherlands with massive contingents from Oceania, Western Africa and Southeast Asia. CHT spoke to several exhibitors to get their thoughts about the show

Visitors came from around the world to find out what was up and coming across the industry and get a glimpse of the latest technologies. The total number of guests was an increase of three per cent compared to the 2014 edition of the show. The international share of attendees was up as well.

Kimberly-Clark Professional exhibited at the show, launching their new Washroom 5D Programme at the event. The company gave their verdict:

“Kimberly-Clark Professional introduced Washroom 5D at ISSA/Interclean 2016, a new consultative service that enables facilities managers to maximise the business benefits of washroom excellence and stay ahead of the competition.

“‘We received much positive feedback to the programme which combines all we know about a winning washroom operation in 5-Dimensions of improvement: Cleanliness, Hygiene, Efficiency, Sustainability, and Satisfaction – the main areas of the washroom where potential issues often exist,” explained Ed Borrini, target market leader for Office Buildings at Kimberly-Clark Professional.

“Central to the Washroom 5D process is a site assessment by a Kimberly-Clark Professional consultant with measurement tools. Data is analysed and feedback provided with a report comparing against other washrooms, and providing recommendations, products and tools for continuous improvement of the washroom.

“‘No other global FM organisation is benchmarking standards in the washroom, one of the leading causes of complaints,” added Borrini. “Nearly 80 per cent of global facility managers know that their office restroom influences tenant satisfaction but are under constant pressure of budgets and time. We give facility managers a fact-based and objective view on how a washroom measures up, and how it can be improved to maximise satisfaction levels, which can influence contract renewals.’”

The firm welcomed new research presented at ISSA/Interclean which shows that single-use paper towels are the most effective hand-drying method in washrooms and help minimise the spread of viruses.

The independent research conducted by leading microbiologists, Dr. Patrick Kimmitt and Keith Redway of the University of Westminster, studied the transmission of viruses using three different hand-drying methods – paper towels, a jet air dryer and a warm air dryer.

The results of the study that were presented at an in-depth session hosted by the European Tissue Symposium (ETS), indicate that single-use paper towels help minimise the spread of viruses including ones associated with various diseases, like those causing gastro-intestinal infections such as Norovirus and Rotavirus. The session also included a review by Professor Mark Wilcox from the Leeds Teaching Hospital and the University of Leeds, entitled; ‘Does drying the hands increase the risk of infection?’.

“Hygiene is one of the five main areas of the washroom where potential issues often exist, as outlined in our Washroom 5D programme,” said Borrini. “Credible, independent research can only help facility managers to understand that washrooms should only use paper towels for hand drying to help prevent the spread of viruses, particularly in environments like hospitals and restaurants where hygiene is critical.”

Other highlights at the Show included The Robot Arena and several seminars held in the InnovationLab. Sealed Air Diversey Care won the Amsterdam Innovation Award for their augmented reality product.

GOJO Industries-Europe were another company involved in the event. MD Mike Sullivan gave his thoughts about the four days and the industry as a whole:

“Hygiene is vitally important. It plays a significant role in increasing wellbeing and is paramount in helping to prevent the spread of germs. Through innovative technology, continual investment in R&D and market insights, GOJO and Laboratoires Prodene Klint are truly tackling this challenge and making life better.

“The combined businesses offer a broad product portfolio of skin and surface cleaning and sanitising solutions under the trusted brands GOJO, PURELL, LPK and PREVEN’S PARIS, as well as specialised and innovative Private Label Solutions.

“Sharing a proven leadership history, GOJO and LPK have made it their mission to continue to drive growth in the hygiene category and with valued, long-lasting customer relationships, endeavour to solve hygiene needs in any professional environment.

“The newly launched PURELL ES Everywhere System ensures that hand hygiene can be available wherever and whenever it is needed, encouraging healthier hand hygiene behaviour at all times.

“Designed to bridge the gap between dispensers and bottles, the PURELL ES Everywhere System is the smallest, most versatile PURELL system in the market. It combines premium aesthetics with the trusted PURELL Advanced Hygienic Hand Rub, offering innovative placement options, ideal in a variety of settings, with the ultimate in germ-killing effectiveness.

“The small footprint of the PURELL ES Everywhere Systems provides access to hand hygiene in previously challenging locations such as food handling environments and mobile facilities. Constructed of robust materials, key features include versatile mounting accessories, quick and easy maintenance and long term reliability, giving this PURELL product a unique place in the hand hygiene category.

“GOJO continues to be at the forefront of research to develop products that deliver results but that are also kind to the skin. Their dispensers are easy to service and built to last, with performance guaranteed, and have been designed to appeal to the end user, helping to create a positive lasting impression of your facility. This is a key factor in helping to maintain and, where possible, increase hand hygiene compliance.”

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