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Merseytravel renews deal with B&M Waste

The passenger transport executive Merseytravel has renewed its contract with B&M Waste Services for a further three years. Having worked together since 2011 to introduce recycling initiatives B&M Waste have once again been chosen as the preferred supplier of a waste management solution.

Merseytravel provides professional, strategic and operational transport advice to the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and is the delivery arm making transport happen.

Working with B&M means Merseytravel will strive to further increase recycling levels and divert waste away from landfill. Introducing recycling, glass and general waste bins at the tunnels, bus stations and ferry terminals will further encourage recycling at these sites.

Mick Ashall, director at B&M Waste Services, said:

We know that a significant number of people use the Merseytravel sites per year and with a high footfall comes a high level of waste. Merseytravel has always been receptive to the concept of recycling and we look forward to assisting them to further increase this through educating both staff and the general public as to the importance of segregation.”

Tom Ellis, senior officer for buildings and estates at Merseytravel, added:

“Merseytravel’s commitment to sustainability and working with local suppliers to provide cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions, means B&M Waste Services fit the bill. B&M is carbon neutral and the team’s enthusiasm and commitment to offering the latest solutions over the past four years has been refreshing. Their plans to further boost recycling through the introduction of separate bins for paper and card, glass and general waste as well as utilising energy from waste power plants as opposed to landfill, means we are delighted to continue working with them over the next three years.”

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