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Top five ways of reducing contamination in wastewater

According to recent statistics from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, more than 11 billion litres of wastewater are collected every day in UK sewers. This water is then treated by plants, including those managed by Total Water ...

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Vet practices admit they need to get tough on infections 

New research from the professional division of Miele has revealed that the majority of UK vet practices feel the need to get tougher in the fight against infectious diseases, with many currently struggling to follow hygiene best practice. However, vets ...

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Is Norovirus now the ‘summer vomiting bug’?

The outbreak of Norovirus at the World Athletics Championships in London is the latest in a spate of reports of the ‘winter vomiting bug’ making an unseasonal appearance. Traditionally associated with the colder winter months, the highly infectious illness has ...

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Science and sums show why cleaners should ‘Chop the Mop’ in schools and universities

Budget-conscious managers could cut costs and safeguard students Cash-strapped school and college managers are missing an opportunity to cut their cleaning budgets and protect students’ health, according to a leading exponent of science-based cleaning. A false economy is being made ...

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