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How to implement a waste management system


Marcus Sanders, Group Marketing Director at waste management specialists WCRS Ltd, explains how to implement the best waste management solution for your business. The subject of waste is a weighty one. The UK produces over 200 million tonnes each year ...

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Labels to change for pest controlled related products


Following the United Nation’s (UN) Global Harmonisation System (GHS) of the classification and labelling of chemicals, pest control and other chemical products will undergo a number of changes to the labels that appear on the product packaging. In terms of timescales, ...

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How to shine at waste management


From boardrooms to washrooms, kitchens to conference facilities – the challenges in managing correct waste disposal across so many different and varied locations can create a real headache for cleaning companies Staying on top of the latest legislation is essential ...

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Pest control


As the nights grow longer and we approach the colder months, the likelihood of a pest infestation will soar. Rats and mice are a cause for concern all year round, but as they will be looking for warmer and drier ...

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Personal care and cleaning products facing microbead ban

Image CC credit bradleypJohnson

The Government has announced plans to ban the tiny pieces of plastic, commonly known as microbeads as part of its action to tackle microplastics which end up in the oceans every year, causing damage to both the environment and marine life. Found ...

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Label changes to all rodenticides


Pest controllers are being reminded that all product labels of ‘Second Generation Anti-coagulant Rodenticides’ (SGAR’s) will need to be revised this year, in line with CRRU (Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use). Product labels will include a new ‘stewardship phrase’ stating ...

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Cleaning associations to discuss the impacts of REACH


British Cleaning Council members, the British Association for Chemical Specialities (BACS) and the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) are coming together to discuss REACH, and what it means for the cleaning supply chain. REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) ...

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B&M advises SMEs on change in waste definition


With a customer base of over 7,000, national waste management company B&M Waste Services has issued guidance to small and medium sized companies (SMEs) of the change to the legal definition of ‘waste’. Published jointly by Defra, the Environment Agency, the ...

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Step up


If you think about cleaning at height, you probably think of ladders, elevated platforms or abseiling. Each of these has an important role to play, but you could be overlooking the fundamental aspect of working at height, according to Sean ...

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Strategic pest management


Strategic Pest Management has become more relevant over the past 10 years in the pest control industry. This is mainly due to the number of changes in pesticides used, legislation changes, increases in pesticide resistance and greater awareness. Emprise explain ...

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