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Tele Taps…an unTAPped market

Tele Taps are revolutionary sensor taps equipped with a 7 inch HD screen

Mida Systems, a media company that use state of the art technology to deliver digital advertising to taps in public washrooms have announced that they have launched a pioneering digital network of Tele Taps into a number of top UK Shopping Centres.

Tele Taps are installed in the likes of Meadowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield, and Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre in London, and are rolling out to a network of UK shopping centres over the forthcoming months.

This unique offering from Mida Systems enables advertisers to engage with consumers at a time when they can be assured of a captive audience. Afterall…where else would you be looking as you wash your hands whilst a high resolution video or image is displayed on shiny chrome taps with screens!

Mike Dalton, MD at Mida Systems said “Unlike any other medium, Tele Taps serve to engage with the audience at a time when the user is truly captivated without distraction.” He goes on to say “Feedback has been fantastic. People are intrigued and it gets them talking.”

Tele Taps can display ads that are gender specific, so eliminate any ad wastage….advertise female products in the ladies washroom, and male products in the gents.

Mida-Systems-Tele-Taps-2-MIC-Feb16More and more digital out of home media is becoming data driven as advertisers realise the potential that data has to offer them in respect of their ROI. Tele Taps do not disappoint as the technology actually has the capability to count the exact number of engagements or impacts that each ad has had. “We can basically tell advertisers exactly how many times their ad has been watched,” mentions Mike with enthusiasm.

Currently Tele Taps are deployed in the UK, USA and over 10 other countries in some of the worlds most popular high-traffic venues. Among the past and current advertisers are L’Oreal, Miller Coors, Yamaha, Heineken, Proctor & Gamble and Unilever.

Look out for Tele Taps in a shopping centre near you! www.midasystems.com

For enquiries please contact 0151 345 6776 or email info@midasystems.com.


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