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Wash away negative reviews in 3 minutes

  • Tough stains during busy periods are not an issue anymore as Fairy All in One capsules dissolve in three minutes
  •  Improved formula means no compromise on cleanliness quality
  •  A quick superior clean is also green, as the dishwasher pouches are phosphate-free

To meet the expectations of hospitality guests (97% of who feel cleanliness is the most important factor when choosing a restaurant, café, bar or a hotel) P&G Professional created Fairy All in One Capsules. The new product helps the industry provide an impeccable clean in three minutes, ensuring dishes and glasses are always up to the highest standard, leaving no room for negative reviews.

Whether you are preparing for a busy event or that unexpected rush of patrons, short dishwasher cycles are best for businesses as they allow for a fast turnover of dishes and glasses. Fairy All in One Capsules’ superior formula ensures no residue is left behind, whatever the cycle, meaning there’s no need to pre-rinse and rewash, allowing for the most optimised operations process. It also means capsules can be used in short dishwasher cycles, saving money on energy and bills.

What’s more, Fairy All in One Capsules are also phosphate-free, ensuring reduced environmental footprint with no trade- offs, leaving no room to negative reviews.

Commenting on Fairy All in One Capsules, Mark Porst, P&G Professional Commercial Director for UK & Ireland, said: “At P&G Professional we understand the true value of clean – guest satisfaction is crucial to online reviews, which in turn impacts business success. That’s why we are committed to helping professionals with products that deliver superior quality with additional benefits, such as faster delivery time and reduced environmental impact.”

For more information about P&G Professional, please visit https://www.pgpro.co.uk/ or call 0800 716 854.


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