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The world’s first retail store ever cleaned with Twister – 10 years later

After 10 years of daily floor cleaning, the terrazzo tiles at Maxi ICA supermarket in Norrkoping, Sweden, are shinier and more inviting than ever. Chemical-free cleaning with Twister diamond pads has proven worth its weight in gold. ICA Maxi, Exiso, the cleaning company and HTC Twister all testify to successful sales, satisfied customers and a deep business relationship – with surfaces in focus.

Exactly ten years ago, the Twister method made its world premiere at ICA Maxi, Norrkoping, Sweden. Since then, this method has become an international success and been proven to clean and polish floors in a way that is as sustainable results-wise as it is financially and environmentally. Just as long lasting are the relationships among the people behind the floor cleaning at ICA Maxi. The same persons who were astounded by the great results of the first test in 2006 have gathered to celebrate the 10-year anniversary. The Managing Director of Exiso, Savvas Christoforidis, and ICA Maxi’s Manager, Lennart Johansson, are in complete agreement that Twister literally brings a shine to both the floor and their businesses.

Cleaning method of the future
While searching for the right method, Exiso tested various chemical-based cleaning techniques in the early 2000s. They worked well, but the floors rapidly became worn and dirty. Savvas remembers the feeling when he first tried Twisters’ diamond pads. “We knew straight away that these were exactly what we’d been looking for, that Twister was the cleaning method of the future. Being able to clean without chemicals, getting a lasting result, and at the same time avoiding wear – naturally we chose to invest in those things. The future has now been here for a long time. We care about quality and are happy to continue delivering Twister-shiny floors to satisfied customers,” he smiles. Since the beginning Twister is now used in close to 100 per cent of the ICA Maxi retail stores operated by Exiso and according to Savvas the floors where Twister is used improve with every passing day, week, and year.

Environmentally-friendly solution
The appearance of a store’s floor is of great importance for a customer’s experience and desire to shop. Clean, shiny floors are welcoming, clearly conveying that the store and its products are high quality. ICA manager Lennart Johansson is more than happy with the cleaning of the 9,000 sq. m. of flooring in his store. “When my customers are happy they stay longer and buy more. These floors aren’t just a pleasure to look at, but they also affect turnover. We place very tough demands on hygiene, and are careful to make environmentally- friendly choices. Avoiding chemicals is both financially sound and environmentally the right thing to do, something that is increasingly important and which consumers demand. And the floors are actually more attractive today than they were ten years ago,” says Lennart.

HTC-Twister-2-MIC-Feb17Superb quality – every day
Lennart talks about how he was inspired by shiny store floors in the US in the 1980s, and about how his own store’s floor could sometimes be just as shiny after a thorough clean and expensive patching up with floor polish, but how it quickly lost its sparkle after a few days of hard use. Lennart says that there are many reasons why the relationship with Exiso and HTC Twister has lasted solong, but that it mostly is due to the floor’s high and even quality throughout the year. “Since we introduced the Twister method, I’ve been completely confident that the floors are clean, whatever the weather, weekday, or season. Take a rainy Saturday in November, when 20,000 muddy feet tramp around in here – just imagine how dirty it can get. But I still know that the floor will be shiny and clean on Sunday. That really is good quality.”

Floor cleaning that stays the distance
Robert Kreicberg, General Manager at HTC Twister Group, is happy to be part of a unique relationship. He listens to what Savvas and Lennart have to say and reflects upon ten successful years. “It’s great to be here today. ICA Maxi in Norrkoping is very special for us, because it was the first store anywhere in the world to use Twister. Naturally, we’re delighted that the Twister method is gaining popularity outside of Sweden too, and is now used around the world. More and more customers are discovering the benefits of Twister, partly for its efficiency and results, but also because of environmental and safety issues. Our aim is that Twister will be the natural choice for all professional cleaning companies and their customers, and we’re definitely well on the way to achieving that,” says Robert. The long partnership between HTC Twister, Exiso and ICA Maxi – and perhaps especially the beautiful floors – proves that daily cleaning and polishing with Twister and its synthetic diamonds really does work. An entirely chemical-free solution that’s passed the test of time.

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