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Essential Flea Guide now available

Pest controllers can now get their hands on a free Flea Guide from Bayer.

Bayer-flea-guide-1---2017[1]The guide contains the most up to date information on controlling fleas, from advice on detecting the pest, technical information on the flea life-cycle and its behaviour, to current pest management best practice guidance.

Richard Moseley, Bayer Technical Manager, explains that it’s an essential tool for any pest controller to have to hand. “Although most pest controllers have a good knowledge of flea treatment, the guide offers the most current information, and detailed advice, which is a great reminder to even the most experienced professional.

“The flea life-cycle is fully described, and a good knowledge of this is crucial when deciding when to apply an insecticide for the best results.”

Moseley says pest controllers can also use the guide to educate their clients. “It will help explain the reasoning behind certain procedures.

“Details about non-toxic control measures and site preparation are explained in the guide, showing how practices such as hoovering areas that are at risk of infestation can greatly improve the success of the treatment.”

To obtain a copy of the Flea Guide contact Bayer’s Pest Solutions Team at pestsolutions@bayer.com or call 00800 1214 9451.


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