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Still working in the office? New study reveals the office germ hotspots to beware of

New research by international brand of professional cleaning materials Chicopee has revealed the germ hotspots in Britain’s offices for workers to avoid. Covid-19 and the long term effects of the pandemic has meant that businesses are all becoming more conscious ...

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(Not) Business as usual

As the lockdown loosens, many businesses are preparing to reopen their workplaces. But with the threat of COVID-19 still casting its shadow over our health, Chris Wakefield, Vice President, European Marketing & Product Development at GOJO Industries-Europe, says we must ...

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Can’t touch this: the impact of ‘touch-free’ technology in the washroom

Amazon claims to have sold tens of millions of its voice activated Echo devices in 2018, with the number of people using Alexa each day doubling throughout the year. This exemplifies the rise of touch-free technology, a trend that is ...

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Airport Hygiene: How to prevent airport security from being dirtier than the airport toilets

By Dr. Colm Moore – Area technical manager for Initial Washroom Hygiene With thousands of passengers travelling to hundreds of different countries every day, Airports pose a significant challenge for hygiene management. Air travel has no doubt revolutionised the way ...

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The value of heatmapping to target germ hotspots

As children up and down the country start a new school year, it’s always a busy time for parents or guardians. From sorting new school uniforms, to finding the ‘coolest’ stationery, this time of year can be stressful. One thing ...

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