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Amey partners with period product supplier to feminise the workplace

Amey has partnered with environmentally friendly period product supplier Grace & Green to trial free period products across a number of its offices and depots.

The partnership is the latest action of Amey’s commitment to driving gender equality and diversity in the workplace.

Eighty-five per cent of women have started their period unexpectedly at work and this can cause anxiety, disruption, embarrassment and have an impact on productivity. Amey has more than 4,000 female employees and providing free period products is in alignment to our goal of being a modern and progressive workplace that leads the way in inclusivity, care and wellbeing.

Amey is rolling out the initiative across 13 sites, with the intention to offer the products at more than 150 offices and depots.

Emily Davies, Director of Social Impact, Amey, commented: “Anyone who needs period products whilst at work should be able to obtain them without barriers, without embarrassment and for free – a simple step we’re taking at Amey to create workplaces that support women. We’re especially excited to be partnering with Grace & Green who are putting sustainability front and centre of their ethics and products.”

Frances Lucraft, Founder, Grace & Green, added: “We’re thrilled to be supplying Amey with our range of sustainable, plastic-free period products. As people become more conscious of the plastic waste they create, many of us are looking at the effects our period products can have on the environment. By a big company like Amey providing plastic-free products to their employees, it sends a clear message that other companies should do the same. Together we can have periods that are better for us, and better for the environment.”

Grace & Green’s offer aligns with Amey’s sustainability goals by having organic, biodegradable period products, as well as pledging to plant a tree for every order Amey places. Grace & Green also donate 1000’s of products to UK period poverty charities and foodbanks.


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