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Arco helps businesses improve workplace safety with dedicated cleaning and hygiene support

Safety company, Arco, has unveiled its brand new Cleaning and Hygiene Catalogue, in an attempt to help businesses of all sizes reduce health risks in the workplace through improved hygiene practises.

ArcoBetween 2016/17 in UK workplaces, 1.3 million workers suffered from work-related ill health which resulted in 25.7 million working days lost. Some of these cases could be due to poor hygiene and cleaning regimes. Workers in the cleaning and hygiene industry in particular, may use harmful substances that can irritate the skin, leading to dermatitis and other skin diseases. Some ill health amongst workers can be prevented, simply by using the right kind of products and correct work techniques to avoid or minimise contact with harmful substances.

As a registered member of the Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA), Arco is dedicated to improving workplace safety through effective hygiene practises. Its new 128-page Cleaning and Hygiene catalogue aims to do this by helping businesses gain a better understanding of the types of products available and which industry they’re best suited to. The product range, showcased in the catalogue, includes environmentally friendly Ecolabel and the Forestry Commission (FSC) accredited products.

The catalogue also includes the latest product development from Arco’s own and specialist leading brand names.

As well as the new catalogue, Arco’s Technical Skincare Specialists can also provide customers with a free, bespoke on-site service, offering education and training about potential skin problems caused by cleaning chemicals, identifying skin treatments and recommending the correct cleaning products to use.

To monitor skin problems, specialists are equipped with a Dermascope for skin imaging, measuring skin hydration, sebum, elasticity and pigmentation. Arco’s specialists also have a UV scanner highlighting other skin dangers such as sun exposure.


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