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BCC to launch ‘We Clean, We Care’ at the Manchester Cleaning Show

Attendees at this year’s Cleaning Show in Manchester are being strongly encouraged to claim and wear a free badge celebrating the work of cleaning and hygiene staff.

The British Cleaning Council (BCC) will launch a new stage in its campaign for wider recognition for the vital work that cleaning and hygiene staff do at the Manchester Cleaning Show, which takes place over 6 – 7 April, by launching the ‘We Clean, We Care’ slogan and badge at the show.

The slogan has been chosen to show the pride and professionalism that the sector’s highly-trained, skilled personnel have in their crucial, frontline role keeping key workers and the public healthy, safe and well.

A thousand initial free badges emblazoned with the ‘We Clean, We Care’ slogan will be distributed at the show which sector staff will be able to pin to their lapels with pride, as they go about their work. The free badges will be available at the BCC’s stand.

The new logo featuring the slogan will also be unveiled at the show and will be available to the wider cleaning and hygiene industry for use on their websites, in marketing materials and social media.

British Cleaning Council Chairman Jim Melvin said: “We want the sector to adopt the ‘We Care, We Clean’ slogan, for staff to wear their free badges with pride and for everyone to be consistently made aware.

“While recognition of the vital role the cleaning and hygiene sector and staff play is improving, there are still people outside the sector who have completely wrong misconceptions about what we do.

“We in the industry know that the role of cleaning and hygiene personnel is frontline and essential to keeping key workers and the public healthy, safe and well and sector staff are skilled, professional and trained to a high standard.

“The industry has been a key component and absolutely vital in the fight against the Covid pandemic and will continue to be essential in returning to normality safely and hygienically, as well as being prepared for and helping to stop any future variant or pandemic.

“The ‘We Clean, We Care’ slogan is designed to show the pride staff have in this vital role and help in the process of educating clients, customers, government and colleagues about what we do.

“So please come to the BCC stand and pick up a ‘We Clean, We Care’ badge to wear as you go about your work. We also encourage sector organisations and companies to use the new logo.”

It is free to register for and attend the Manchester Cleaning Show, which the BCC co-produces.


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