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B&M Waste supports JLL’s Green Project

UK-based JLL, a world leader in the real estate industry, has recently taken further footsteps to reduce its carbon footprint. The partnership with B&M Waste led to a tree planting morning at JLL site, Spinning Jenny Way.

As a Carbon Neutral Waste Management company, B&M Waste Services donate trees to customer sites, as part of their Carbon Neutral Commitment- also supporting Verified Clean Energy Projects around the world.

Last year alone saw B&M offset over 1248 tonnes of Carbon, which is equivalent to over 4.1 million miles being driven in an average car, or the equivalent of 520 cars being taken off the roads.


On the day, 10 trees were planted on the Spinning Jenny Way site. The trees were planted as saplings, and with the support of the grounds maintenance team, will be nurtured until fully grown- adding to the green space already on the retail park.

Commenting on the afternoon, Lucy Wilfan of B&M Waste Services said: “Since hearing about our tree planting scheme and Carbon Neutrality programme, JLL were eager to get involved. Once grown, the trees will be a fantastic addition to the retail park and B&M Waste are looking forward to supporting JLL further with their biodiversity and green project.”

Phillip McSorley, Senior Facilities Manager at JLL said: “The collaboration between JLL and B&M Waste with the planting of the fruit orchard at spinning Jenny Way allowed us to start the foundations for our ongoing improve plan for the retail park, based around biodiversity the appearance of the site.

“We intend to raise awareness to all our tenants and customers to the park regarding the importance of improving the flora and fauna. Other ideas due to take place include, regeneration of an overgrown area of waste land, and the installation of bug hotels, bird boxes, water butts and compost heaps.

“Collectively the green corridor and orchard planting is just the beginning.”

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