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Cleaning costs of UK’s most iconic palaces and stately homes revealed

Professional cleaning company, Purefreedom, has analysed the cleaning costs of some of the UK’s most iconic palaces & stately homes, to find which famous period property is the most expensive to maintain.

The study reviewed the amount of rooms & square footage of over 10 of the UK’s most famous period homes, before finding out how much it would cost the average UK cleaner to clean each one in 2022.

The results show that the most expensive property to clean is Buckingham Palace – costing £11,603 (that’s the equivalent of cleaning 1,137 average UK homes), with Bridgerton’s own Castle Howard only costing £1,960 to clean in comparison.

Bridgerton Esk Statley Homes Amount Of Rooms Square footage Total cost of cleaning
Buckingham Palace 775 828,821 £11,603.49
Windsor Castle 1,000 590,239 £8,263.35
Blenheim Palace 187 145,000 £2,030.00
Wentworth Woodhouse 365 250,000 £3,500
Belvoir castle 356 150,000 £2,100
Castle Howard 145 140,000 £1,960
Highclere house 300 100,000 £1,400
Althorp house 90 100,000 £1,400
Chatsworth house 300 81,000 £1,134
Burghley house 80 78,000 £1,092
Hampton Court Palace 110 47,330 £662.62


Andrew Bramley, a professional cleaner at Pure Freedom said: When cleaning period properties or even antiques in your own home there may be some cleaning methods you’re doing which may actually be harming your possessions. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when cleaning. 

  • When furniture waxing, you may think that you are deep treating the floor but it is actually a surface treatment to make the floor look shiny, so when you are considering waxing your items aim to do the task as little as possible.
  • When cleaning any antique materials always aim to dry clean when possible avoid using harsh chemical liquids or even water as this may cause permanent damage so the safest method is to use only a dry cloth to remove dust.
  • Make sure to clean your textiles with a low-suction hoover with the nozzle covered with a piece of muslin cloth to protect the fabric from any potential tears or discolourations. 
  • Overcleaning can cause damage, particularly in antiques. Sometimes when cleaning delicate objects, less is more.
  • If there’s a need for more of a deep clean, Always test a small area first to see if the solution will be safe for that material, somewhere discrete that won’t be an eyesore if stained.”


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