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Cleaning monitoring and management software: Introducing KleenCheck

 Orange Technology Ltd, a leading software solutions provider, has announced the upcoming launch of its cutting-edge monitoring and management software for cleaning companies and large organisations, including the NHS, in particular environments where infection prevention and control are key considerations.

Set to hit the market in May 2024, KleenCheck software promises to improve cleaning standards in all industrial sectors by offering unprecedented tools for managing and training cleaning staff efficiently, regardless of their primary responsibilities.

In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene has become more critical than ever before. Large organisations, including cleaning companies, the health sector, educational institutions, the hospitality sector, and facilities management, are continually in pursuit of innovative solutions that streamline their cleaning operations without compromising on quality.

Recognising this pressing need, KleenCheck has developed an intuitive software package that provides comprehensive monitoring and management capabilities, specifically designed to meet the unique challenges faced by these industries.

KleenCheck also particularly serves the need for environments where infection prevention and control are major considerations, for example laboratories, operating theatres and hospital pharmacy settings.

Compared to other products in this market, KleenCheck incorporates some unique features, for example the ability to make available photographs and videos alongside detailed text instructions for clarity of instruction.

By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology and data analytics / reporting, KleenCheck empowers businesses to effortlessly manage the communication of critical cleaning routines to their cleaning staff and implement crucial training programmes. The software acts as a vital support system for all members of the cleaning workforce – dedicated cleaners and other staff who occasionally perform cleaning duties as part of their overall responsibilities.

KleenCheck software is available in two separate modules, KleenCheck Pro and KleenCheck Plus, designed around different usage patterns and including induction programmes where appropriate.

Peter Lucas, CEO of Orange Technology Ltd, commented: “We are thrilled to announce the launch of KleenCheck software, a powerful tool that will transform how cleaning companies and large organisations manage their cleaning operations. Our software solution’s user-friendly interface, combined with advanced features, will not only improve efficiency and streamline workflows but also contribute to maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.”

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