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Clearwater Technology unveils Technical Training Academy

Clearwater Group has launched a dedicated facility to provide hands-on training to apprentices, new recruits and existing employees on the latest practices and technology being used in the water treatment, hygiene, and air hygiene industry.

The Technical Training Academy is now open to new recruits and existing employees as part of a movement to drive skills training and development in the water and environmental management sector.

A recent survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) showed that employers are seeing increased turnover of staff and 70 per cent are saying that the skills shortage has resulted in a reduced ability to finish projects. Clearwater believes that in order to tackle this issue more training needs to be available not only to those looking to break into the industry but also for the continued development of its current employees to ensure the sector continues to retain and enhance knowledge and skills, and therefore increase standards in water and environmental management.

The company has invested significantly into the development of the Clearwater Technical Training Academy, and expects 400 employees to benefit from the new facility this year. The training on offer will benefit the entire sector by driving environmental standards to higher levels.

The academy offers courses covering the cleaning and disinfection of water systems, cooling tower water treatment and remedial work, chemical dosing systems, water treatment plant, as well as air handling units, ductwork and kitchen extracts. Trainees will be able to sign up to courses on asbestos awareness, health and safety as well as legionella testing. Many of these courses are City & Guilds accredited.

Clearwater Technical Training Academy Manager, Paul Englefield, commented: “We’re very excited to open the doors on this facility that is fully equipped with three cooling towers, ventilation systems, domestic water systems, and industrial water treatment equipment. Trainees get to practice in a safe and clean environment, preparing them for work that can sometimes take place in less comfortable conditions such as on cooling towers located in manufacturing plants or water sumps in basements. The opportunity to learn new skills will ensure that we will continue to have well-trained and competent infield, sales and support teams offering a first-class service to all of our customers.” 

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