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Delphis Eco launches personalised carbon reports for customers at COP28

COP28 was the setting for multi-award-winning UK manufacturer and eco-cleaning company, Delphis Eco, to announce the launch of personalised Carbon Reports for its customers. This is a big moment for the company as it can now not only measure its own footprint, but it also gives customers full visibility as to how Delphis Eco is helping them measure and reduce their carbon emissions.

The personalised Carbon Report will include the customers’ product data from 2023, measuring the impact of each component from ingredients through to labels and delivery. It is considered to be an “industry-first within chemical manufacturing” and reiterates the dedication Delphis Eco displays in staying accountable and transparent while empowering its customers to do the same, adding tangible value beyond cleaning chemical supply.

The Report will also include comparative information to understand how customers are saving carbon with Delphis Eco’s products against an industry average* and will give customers an emission baseline for further comparison in a year’s time.

The Report will include:

  • Total carbon savings: Total carbon saving (kg CO2e) and amount of virgin plastic avoided (due to Delphis Eco using Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic for their product packaging).
  • Carbon savings per product: Based on customers’ product volumes, the report will show how much carbon customers are saving in total, compared to an industry average.
  • Total Carbon Emissions: Total Carbon Emissions (kg CO2e) based on the customer’s annual order quantity and how the product(s) emissions are broken down (kg CO2e) e.g. by boxes, delivery, closure, bottles, formulations and labels. An emissions-per-litre measurement is also included for customers to compare carbon reduction year on year.
  • Carbon Emissions per product type g. what the breakdown is for the Multi-Purpose Cleaner vs. Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser in terms of bottle, box, closure, formulations, delivery and label.


Speaking from COP28, Mark Jankovich, CEO of Delphis Eco said: “I am hugely proud of this achievement. It’s been a long journey that we started three years ago by interrogating our supply chain, involving extensive research into current operations, and taking a deep dive into all aspects of our business. From manufacturing to employee commuting, we’ve created a comprehensive map of our entire company’s emissions.

“It’s been an intensive project; bringing together all key stakeholders both inside and outside of the business. After pulling together all of these resources, we partnered with Zevero, a carbon accounting organisation, to objectively assess and verify our current position in the market.

“This is something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and the process has been through a few iterations. But now, this report is helping us to be well on our way to net zero, and it’s great to announce this achievement at COP28.”

Delphis Eco has set itself reduction targets of 90.00% Scope 1 & 2 and 50% Scope 3 for 2030 and an ambitious goal to reach net zero by 2035, from a baseline of 2022.

George Wade, COO of Zevero said: “With the cleaning industry responsible for significant levels of greenhouse gas emissions, Delphis Eco are showing leadership in accurately quantifying the benefits of their product and sharing this with their customers to make better climate decisions. We’re proud to be a partner in Delphis Eco’s journey and look forward to helping them decarbonise in the years to come.”

*”The industry average we have used as a baseline is a GWP of Cleaning Consumables, without water, in 13.6% solution state from Ecoinvent. If customers purchase higher or lower solution state, the reduction number would vary.”

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