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Disruptive app launched to empower cleaning professionals 

MAK.today has announced it will be officially launching its app, dubbed the ‘Check-a-Trade for cleaning professionals.’

“It was super important to me for me to put together something that could work equally for both cleaners and users, this is why it’s so flexible for parents, students and foreign workers, so they could manage their own schedule and earn great money as a self-employed cleaner while working around their children, studies and other commitments.” said MAK.today founder Khurram Mirza.

Mirza spoke after launching the disruptive cleaning app in the London boroughs of Croydon, Bromley and Southwark. The MAK.today app works as a database which collates a list of highly reputable and vetted cleaning professionals that are available to users to select, and rate based on their performance.

The app allows cleaners to select their own prices (of which they keep 100 per cent of the money), hours and also rate the homes they are visiting.

However, each cleaner must undergo rigorous vetting processes, which include face-to-face interviews, background, CRB, criminal and documentation checks for safety purposes.

Equally, every user that signs up to use the app must be registered and verified, to ensure their profile is visible to the cleaners, to give them peace of mind when entering each premises.

When asked how he came to develop the MAK.today app, Mirza, who has a background in finance and investment said: “In many countries abroad, it’s common for most homes to have a professional cleaner, someone who becomes an extension to the family – so you can imagine how important it is to find the right fit for both cleaner and homeowner.

“I worked between two locations, and whenever I came back to England, my mum was obviously getting older and needed more help around the house. We had the same problem of trying to find consistent and reliable cleaning service providers as I did abroad, and that’s when I decided to start developing this app.

“From the beginning, I knew I wanted to help empower cleaning professionals to help them earn good money and grow their client base in a way that would suit their lifestyles and busy schedules. And feel safe and comfortable while doing so.”

“It’s absolutely amazing to see how everything has come together, but we’re definitely not done yet, we’re excited to continue down this road and expand our reach throughout the UK and even further,” concluded Mirza.


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