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Entec UVC SafeClean purifies Citipost Mail offices

Entec UVC SafeClean has successfully delivered UV-based air purification to Citipost Mail in Alfreton. This illustrates the importance responsible employers such as Citipost are placing on ensuring that staff and guests can breathe safe and clean indoor air when visiting their workplace.

Citipost is a pioneer in the mail and logistics industry and joins the Entec Group’s existing music, theatre, sporting, retail, hospitality and educational clients who have embraced this ground-breaking technology.

Citipost has purchased two sleek and portable Goldensea UVAIR 216 ultraviolet purification units on the recommendation of their long-time strategy advisor Adrian King who also happens to lecture on healthcare and medical innovation at Imperial College in London.

A leading provider of worldwide mailing, fulfilment and delivery services for more than 15 years, Citipost Mail recognised that in a post-Covid world, inactivation of air-borne pathogens in the environment would provide reassurance to its 50-strong workforce and visitors at the industrial unit in Derbyshire to which they moved a year ago.

Citipost Mail’s Head of Marketing, David Bradford, confirmed that the benefits of the filtration units were self-evident. “Adrian had been telling us about the importance of these units multiple times, and we discussed how many would be needed for a two-storey building.”

King takes up the story. “The MD at Citipost Mail and I discussed this extensively over the course of the pandemic, initially looking at an opportunity to provide an outsourcing service for local retail business who had to stay open, and then how could we use the technology to protect staff once they started returning to the office. We explored with Entec a number of options but the UVAIR 216 provided the best solution within the budget.”

Both of the fully-compliant units are on permanent duty within the building. Each purifies 800 cu.m per hour and runs down to a sound level of just 39dB(A) in quiet mode. “They are run at maximum capacity before and after the working day—including overnight—and at medium capacity during the day as this makes them run more quietly,” explains Adrian King. “The admin rooms are 2000 sq. ft which means the air is turned over two times, whereas in the smaller rooms the air turnover will be nearer five times.”

The pair of AIR 216s are deployed in the meeting rooms on each of the floors, which often experience high density occupation, and the remainder of the time are kept running permanently in the general main floor spaces, where there is more natural ventilation and much lower occupancy, due to the hybrid return to work strategy being implemented.

David Bradford said the move to the new premises had been driven not only by the end of the contract on their previous home but the need to find greater office space to match their growth plans—and this is a logical addition to the environmental infrastructure. “This gives the workforce confidence that we are serious,” he continues. “We already have hand sanitisers everywhere in the building and digital notice boards regarding temperature checks. We can now operate a safe hybrid return to work strategy for those coming in, as well as the permanent office-based staff. All the initial nervousness has now been dispelled.”

Entec UVC SafeClean’s Noreen O’Riordan, added: “More and more operators—within the entertainment industry and beyond—are recognising the need for this type of a solution as part of their safe ‘return to work’ strategies. We are pleased to be able to offer a quality assured full range of purification and pathogen removal devices to suit budgets and requirements whether to buy or hire.”


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