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First Mile podcast series shines a light on climate heroes 

The latest series of the inspirational “Climate Heroes” podcast series, which showcases the people striving to provide solutions to the climate crisis, will be launched this week (22 February) by recycling company, First Mile. 

Listeners can tune in every week to hear from the heroes driving change through innovation – where it all began, what makes them tick, and what action they are taking to tackle climate change, right now. 

Hosted by First Mile CEO, Bruce Bratley, the fourth series of the podcast starts on 22 February, with a new episode every Wednesday.   

Speaking about the Climate Heroes podcast, Bratley said: “Whatever their background, our guests share positive and innovative approaches to environmental challenges with the aim of inspiring a hopeful (not hopeless) attitude to climate change. Expect insightful stories from the businesses, start-ups, scientists, academics, activists and dreamers who will convince you that the fight for our planet is not over.” 

The first five climate heroes, are:    

  • Nigel Harvey (Extinction Rebellion) – Harvey is a climate activist and member of Extinction Rebellion (ER) who regularly attends their protests and events and has been arrested six times for protesting. During the episode, he and Bratley discuss Extinction Rebellion’s fight for a greener world, as well as the disruption ER causes to both the public and businesses.  
  • Chris DeArmitt (The Plastic Paradox) – DeArmitt is the author of ‘The Plastic Paradox’, a book which tries to redefine everything you know about plastic. On the podcast, DeArmitt and Bratley discuss some controversial plastic myths – DeArmitt’s book claims that paper straws are worse for the environment than plastic and that the greenest production method is always the cheapest option, for example. 
  • Anna Scott (Keep Britain Tidy) – Scott and Bratley discuss different ways of reducing consumption. Keep Britain Tidy is currently running a campaign called ‘By nothing new month’, which encourages people to buy nothing new throughout January (except essential items). 
  • Louisa Zaine (Toast Ale) – Zaine is the Co-Founder of Toast Ale, a certified B Corp making beer from surplus bread. In the episode, Zaine and Bratley talk about food waste, with bread being the most wasted food in the world (over 240 million slices of bread are thrown away every year).
  • Simon Jacobs (LitterLotto) – LitterLotto is an app that lets you win money just by picking up litter. In partnership with McDonalds, users simply upload an image of themselves putting litter in the bin to be in with the chance of winning a £1000 weekly jackpot.

Over the previous three series, the podcast welcomed over 65 guests, including the likes of Honest Burgers, Waterbear (aka ‘Netflix for good’), Brompton Bikes, supply chain experts Sourceful and investment advisors Clim8.

For more details of the Climate Heroes podcast visit https://thefirstmile.co.uk/first-miles-climate-heroes-podcast

The podcast itself is available at https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/first-miles-climate-heroes/id1516292405 or https://open.spotify.com/show/3ZwYRCeZuakaahfen5OmeB


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