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Dr. Emma Saunders

Genesis Biosciences develops surface sanitiser product in fight against Covid-19

Environmental science research company, Genesis Biosciences, has seen a huge increase in demand for its new natural anti-microbial surface sanitiser, supplying tonnes of product across the entirety of Europe since the beginning of March.

As the world tries to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic, companies have rapidly been developing solutions and making them widely available to help in the fight.

Cardiff-based Genesis Biosciences is one such company; utilising its knowledge and experience in research and development of innovative microbial and antimicrobial solutions designed to replace traditional harsh chemicals used across a wide range of industries.

The company’s general purpose sanitiser concentrate – part of its existing Evogen range – contains natural anti-microbial and anti-viral active ingredients that deliver high-performance sanitisation of all types of hard surfaces without the need for harmful bleach.

The formulation includes a surfactant that provides highly effective cleaning and is proven to kill a wide spectrum of bacteria and viruses – even on food preparation areas.

Current contracts have seen the eco-benign solution used by cleaning companies taking on large-scale, industrial jobs, including cleaning public-use facilities such as trains and other modes of transport, and sanitising outdoor spaces in Italy.

Genesis General Manager Dr. Emma Saunders said: “The IBCs we produce are ideal for big cleaning jobs. In the wake of the current Coronavirus pandemic, when public concern about ‘germs’ and bacteria is at an all-time high, reassuring customers and the general public is crucial.

“We have had enquiries from municipal authorities in Italy about using our product to cleanse the streets, and we are proud to be playing our part in the fight.

“When our anti-viral, anti-bacterial sanitiser is applied to any hard surface, it immediately eliminates bad bacteria and enveloped viruses. By ridding communal areas of viruses, we can collectively ease public concerns and begin to prepare our universally-used spaces for the end of global isolation.”

Genesis, which has its laboratories in Cardiff and a microbial fermentation centre in Lawrenceville, Georgia, uses its expertise in fermenting bacteria strains, to develop its eco-benign range of products which includes solutions for bathroom, carpet and floor cleaning, odour control and industrial wastewater management.

The Evogen General Purpose Sanitiser concentrate, which is based on a natural active substance used in foods, has been proven to kill norovirus, HIV and hepatitis B among other virus’ and is currently undergoing testing to validate its effectiveness against Covid-19 with results expected in two weeks. The anti-bacterial formulation is manufactured in accordance with recognised international standards, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and delivers sanitisation, cleaning and descaling in a single product.


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