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GermErase boosts campus safety following university donations

GermErase, supplied by cleaning equipment specialists, Denis Rawlins Ltd, has donated thousands of packets of sanitising wipes to students across the country.

With 2.5 million students back at university and 8.9 million pupils in school, it is more important than ever to maintain hand hygiene efforts and curb the spread of Covid and other winter bugs.

The pandemic is very much still part of our lives, and with students going back to face-to-face teaching, GermErase’s generous donation is timely.

So far, GermErase has distributed 230,000 packets of its wipes to universities across the length and breadth of the country. Students from Northumberland, right down to Devon can now add these powerful wipes to their arsenal in the fight against Covid.

The handy wipes are a convenient way to keep the sanitising power of GermErase 24hr in your pocket. They kill up to 99.999% of bugs and protect the hands between washes. The GermErase formula has been proven effective against all enveloped viruses, including Covid-19. As well as keeping hands sanitised, students can also use the wipes to keep phones, and other personal items, germ free.

Eleanor Matthews, CEO of GermErase, said: “With students being in close quarters with each other, whether that’s during lectures, in their halls of residence or when socialising, the infection risk is increased.

“We have recently gone through a rebrand and found ourselves with excess stock. What better to do with this than to donate it to those who can make good use of it? Putting the wipes in the hands of students can play a small part in keeping them safe and protected from germs this winter.”

Sue Hodges, Assistant Facilities Manager at Birmingham City University, said: “The wipes are a very handy size to be carried about when going to meetings or canteen areas and the fact that they are kind to our skin and have a low chemical footprint which helps our environment.”

James White, Managing Director of Denis Rawlins Ltd, added: “The GermErase wipes have been proven to kill viruses and germs in under 30 seconds, giving them the potential to significantly reduce transmission on campus if students keep them handy and add them to their hand hygiene efforts. Thanks to this generous donation, people now have access to a quick and convenient added layer of protection.”


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