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Harrison Wipes helping rescued hedgehogs keep warm

Harrisons, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high-quality wipes, has made a donation of Sontara® premium products to Market Weighton Hedgehog Rescue to help support its mission. Market Weighton Hedgehog Rescue has been able to use these wipes to rehabilitate baby hedgehogs that have been rescued from the wild.

Harrison Wipes is a Romford-based company that manufactures and distributes an extensive range of textile and non-woven wipes. Alongside developing its own range of wipes, the business is also the sole UK supplier for leading global brands Chicopee® and Sontara®.

Market Weighton Hedgehog Rescue, which raises money for rescue centres, was in need of materials to care for baby hedgehogs found abandoned in the wild. In response to this, Harrisons donated a range of wiping materials to the centre. Its wipes were used to clean and dry the hoglets and provided a comfy, warm bed to sleep on during their stay.

The rescue is located in the rural areas of Yorkshire and is slowly building. A problem associated with this is hedgehogs are increasingly having trouble finding food. One hedgehog can cover over two miles a night but since their habitat is changing – with walls, roads and fences blocking their paths – they become weak and need help.

When in danger, hedgehogs curl up into a ball instead of running, which can cause accidents on roads or in gardens where they become injured. Mothers are usually found with their litters and are brought in for medical attention and rehabilitation. Market Weighton Hedgehog Rescue has partnered with some fantastic vets who help as much as possible to safely bring the hedgehogs to the rescue.

Harrisons was delighted to have donated a batch of Sontara® premium wipes to Market Weighton Hedgehog Rescue so it can continue its vital work of saving baby hedgehogs rescued from the wild.

Stephen Harrison, Managing Director at Harrisons, commented: “At Harrisons, we have always had a strong interest in giving back to the community and providing help wherever possible. When we found out about the Market Weighton hedgehog rescue requiring materials we saw it as an excellent opportunity to provide for animals in need.”

He continued: “We were delighted to be able to assist in the rescue with our Sontara® wipes which are now being used to care for the baby hedgehogs. I can’t wait to see the hedgehogs grow and flourish. Hopefully, we can continue to contribute to local charities and provide assistance where needed.”


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