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Hydro Systems showcases top 3 products

At this year’s Interclean, Hydro showcased two exciting sector innovations from its connected dispensing portfolio – the Multi-Washer 3000 Series and the DMX – along with the EvoClean, the dispenser that transformed the laundry industry.

The Multi-Washer 3000 Series

Hydro’s Multi-Washer 3000 Series with EvoClean provides reliable chemical dispensing for on-premise laundries. It’s a single system that delivers the trusted and accurate dosing of the revolutionary EvoClean dispenser across all the washers in a facility. The system combines the benefits of a Multi-Washer – one setup, one calibration, and less wall space – with the game-changing capabilities of the EvoClean, to ensure less maintenance, faster installation, and improved dosing reliability.

The Multi-Washer 3000 Series feature PCB-based control. Using the EvoClean’s venturi dosing technology it can deliver precise doses under 30 mL /1 oz and is easy to configure and maintain. It does not utilise squeeze tubes that negatively impact accuracy, and is not subject to degradation like other peristaltic technologies.

The Multi-Washer 3000 Series is available for 3 washers with 4, 6, or 8 products. It enables real-time statistics and remote configuration changes through Hydro Connect from any global location with an internet connection. Users can drastically reduce maintenance costs by adding a formula, changing a dosing amount, or switching the dosing mode without traveling to a site.

Improved transparency gives chemical providers and end-users increased visibility into their operations. The resulting insightful data and recommendations help improve operational efficiency and profitability through optimising production, reducing costs and enhancing customer satisfaction. This helps laundries reduce water, energy and rewash costs and drive further improvements.

The DMX Dispenser

With the durable, safe and easy-to-use DMX dispenser, commercial kitchens can look forward to accurate and reliable dispensing of solid or liquid detergents, rinse aid or sanitiser. Designed to work anywhere in the world on most high- or low- temperature door, conveyer, and flight-style machines, there are numerous optional upgrades available to enhance its functionality.

The user can look forward to a reduced cost of service. The unit’s pre-wired power, signal, and conductivity cabling saves valuable time and money, while enhancing safety and the need for costly site visits. The improved data visibility on productivity (racks washed), chemical usage, costs and task alarms, via Hydro Connect, also helps ensure compliance to the Food Code. In addition, an inductive probe prevents nuisance reactive calls related to probe scale build up.

By using the Hydro Connect mobile app the DMX speeds up installations – reducing time needed by as much as 30 per cent – with the setup-by-file option, and also reduces the training time required. It’s more intuitive user interface and a comprehensive reporting capability are also compatible with Hydro Connect.

To improve reliability, the unit has a redesigned race and motor that extends tube life, even in busy kitchens with flight-style dish machines. Optional depletion wand connections, to detect out of product events, and optional temperature probes – to detect low rinse or tank temperature – complete this outstanding Hydro innovation.

The EvoClean

The world’s first venturi-based, water-powered laundry dispenser, the EvoClean encompasses Hydro Systems’ ethos to make life easier for customers and positively impact their operations. Remarkably adaptable and versatile, the EvoClean’s venturi technology guarantees unparalleled dilution accuracy for multiple products – the system is available in 4, 6 and 8 product configurations with either low or high flow rate. This ensures the right amount of chemicals are dispensed consistently. Optimal performance is delivered in terms of a single cycle and over the course of continuous operation for laundry that is washed to the highest standard.

The EvoClean eliminates the routine maintenance requirements of competing peristaltic systems to remove concerns over deteriorating performance from worn tubes. It has no moving parts, and contains an integrated flush manifold and a low-level alarm. With chemical dispensing technologies making a direct impact on running costs, the EvoClean monitors specific trends over time. Its in-built technology includes an Automated Formula Select (AFS) control, which correlates a certain formula against each wash type conveying how much each wash is costing, as well as what the overall cost is.

This total transparency empowers the user. The software also monitors any events, alarms and disturbances to the system, offering the user complete security. Hydro’s technology means that there is no chemical drop-off and all of the necessary equipment is already built-in. The EvoClean comes pre-wired from the factory to save time on installation, which in turn significantly reduces the time it takes to install multiple units.

The EvoClean is the small, innovative energy-saving unit that delivers a game-changing solution for all commercial laundry environments; eliminating the service and maintenance issues associated with squeeze tubes, while reducing installation time, and increasing dispensing precision.


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