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Interclean Amsterdam: Building a new standard

Interclean Amsterdam has released details of its sessions relating to Covid-19 and sustainability which will be taking place at the trade shows virtual event which is currently running from now until 6 November 2020.

We are all part of a fast-moving industry that sees constant change. During the pandemic, we have an increased understanding of how hygiene plays a crucial role in slowing down and preventing Covid-19 from being spread. This shift has allowed everyone to not only see the value of this industry, but to realise that we are building a new standard. It is crucial for the cleaning and hygiene industry to adapt at the same pace as the pandemic is spreading.

Interclean Amsterdam Online 2020 overcomes all current limitations of our time and provides an online platform where already over 7,000 participants from 130 countries are coming together for inspiration and knowledge. The agenda contains over 60 sessions on COVID-19 and other industry developments.

Sessions related to Covid-19 include: 

3 November:

  • How to secure the new hygiene standard in the new normal?

4 November:

  • How can we measure quality and why does it matter?
  • Covid-19 and healthcare environmental hygiene
  • What will hand hygiene look like in the new normal?
  • Selecting hygiene products in a pandemic: the importance of formulation
  • How can data-driven cleaning secure the new hygiene standard?

5 November:

  • Are your cleaning staff prepared to secure safe care environments?
  • A new decade of clean

6 November:

  • Covid Employee Safety Awards
  • The relevance of cleaning in times of Covid
    Paneldiscussion: Coronaproof Cleaning (Dutch session)

Sustainability is by no means a new phenomenon for the professional cleaning and hygiene industry. As consumers demand more sustainable approaches from the companies they interact with, the need to display credible green credentials has already filtered through to those providing cleaning products and services. The amount of companies that are actively trying to become more eco-friendly is still rising, which is not surprising considering the positive impact it has on the environment and the companies themselves.

The following sessions in the programme touch base on sustainability: 

3 November:

  • How to make more impact with innovation in cleaning?
  • Contributing to the EU Green Deal and the global UN Sustainable Development Goals: A.I.S.E.’s Charter for Sustainable Cleaning
  • Wecoline for a clean world with new sustainable cleaning concepts

4 November:

  • The Recycle Factory: This is how we close the loop

5 November:

  • Is there a business case for sustainability in our industry?
  • Facility Inspiration Event: Startup Studio Pitches

6 November:

  • Green Chemistry – The Sutter Experience

Join Interclean Amsterdam Online and find out what our industry has to offer: https://www.intercleanshow.com/amsterdam/register/

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