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ISSA updates Workloading and Bidding Tool

ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, has taken another step in helping members validate, document, and analyse their essential cleaning services by updating the ISSA Workloading & Bidding Tool.

The enhancements to this popular member estimating tool include the ability for metric calculations and the ability to add daily and weekly frequencies, which has become more necessary as facilities request increased activity to reduce risk of cross-contamination during the COVID-19 pandemic. This upgraded tool is available online and is for the exclusive use of ISSA members worldwide.

Dianna Steinbach, ISSA Vice President of International Services, said: “ISSA constantly updates and develops member resources to ensure members are best poised to implement industry best practices. The current pandemic made clear that the calculator needed more flexible cleaning times to meet increased demands and help with explaining the impact of current changes in cleaning scope of work. Thanks to the metric system update, members from all over the world now will be able to use the tool to improve their services and communicate cost calculations.”

The enhanced Workloading & Bidding Tool With Metric Conversion helps ISSA members build out a location or cleaning project by entering room type, area (in either square meters or square feet), and the activities to perform; activities correspond with ISSA’s 612 Cleaning Times, a guide to industry time standards for performing cleaning tasks.

Not only can an ISSA members document the cleaning tasks they will be performing or the impact on services that new product solutions could offer, they will also be able to show the days of week each task will be performed, along with the number of times per day. Additionally, the calculator’s features include:

  • Adding specific tasks associated with heightened disinfecting
  • Creating workload based on a room, floor, area, or building
  • Calculating revenue to labor, supply costs, and general overhead.

Along with visually documenting services, members will be able to promote their value by sharing expected cleaning times, costs, and number of employees needed to facilitate a clean, safe, and healthy environment. Calculations can be stored within a member’s myISSA portal and can be printed to share with staff and customers.

Members who have used the earlier version of the calculator will have a one-month transition period to be able to transfer their saved calculations to the new version or to download them.

Rosie Rangel, ISSA Vice President of Membership, Outreach, and Business Intelligence added: “Users will see the time needed to perform the job, a suggested number of people needed to clean the facility, and an overview of costs to do the job. This amazing tool will help our members increase efficiency and reduce costs.”

ISSA members have free access to this enhanced benefit via the myISSA portal on www.issa.com.

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