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Lorcan Mekitarian sets out his agenda as Chairman of the CHSA

Setting out his agenda for his tenure as Chairman of the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association, Lorcan Mekitarian, Sales Director Bpi Recycled Products, part of Berry Bpi Group, focused on the CHSA’s respected Accreditation Schemes and the need to address the big issues facing members. 
“The CHSA Accreditation Schemes guarantee standards in the cleaning and hygiene sector,” said Lorcan Mekitarian.  “We are proud of their impact and I will lead the Council in continuing to support and expand them, growing the membership, widening their scope and raising awareness amongst buyers of the products.  We want everyone who buys cleaning and hygiene products to specify the relevant Accreditation Scheme.  It’s the only way to be certain ‘what’s on the box is what’s in the box’.  Our Standards, Your Guarantee.”
He continued: “Sustainability is an issue every business must address.  Within the CHSA we are already exploring the challenge presented by plastics to our sector, understanding first the volume of plastic introduced in the supply chain and then identifying practical, positive steps members can take.  Working for Berry BPI Group, which offers exceptional recycling facilities, I am very well placed to understand the issues and be an active part of this team.”
Recognising the need to work with complementary associations in the sector to address global issues, Lorcan will maintain the CHSA’s active involvement in the British Cleaning Council and its close collaboration with the CSSA amongst others.  “We can get more done together, particularly when it comes to tackling plastics in the cleaning and hygiene supply chain, so I am committed to maintaining the close working relationships established in recent years.”
Lorcan also signalled his intention to engage members in the governance of the CHSA and the delivery of its activities.  “Our programme of events and activities must be relevant to our members.  We need to provide good quality and valuable support, amplify their concerns by providing a collective voice, facilitate networking amongst our members, and offer opportunities for them to host their customers.  The active participation of members in setting the programme and delivering the events and initiatives is essential and so I am inviting members to step forward and get involved.”

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