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MCS Cleaning & Maintenance acquires Gemclean

MCS Cleaning & Maintenance Ltd, a commercial and home cleaning services company based in Leicester, has acquired Gemclean Ltd.

After decades of dedicated service and unwavering commitment to excellence, the founders of Gemclean, Jack and Karen Hobbs, are passing on the baton to their daughter and son-in-law, Kelly and Tim Blacknell, owners of MCS Cleaning & Maintenance.

Established in 1977, Gemclean began as a small window cleaning business in Berkshire and quickly grew and developed to offer carpet and upholstery and commercial cleaning of offices. The company has a strong reputation for meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled customer care. Jack’s mantra, “Take care of the edges, and the middle will look after itself” highlights Gemclean’s commitment to thoroughness and excellence.

Jack and Karen’s daughter, Kelly, fondly recalls her childhood spent learning the ropes of the business from her parents, from methodically cleaning buildings to ensuring every detail was attended to. Now, as Jack enters well-deserved retirement at the age of 72, Kelly and her team are ready to carry forward the legacy he built.

“I am so proud of both my parents and all their hard work and dedication to their business and teaching us that hard work goes a long way,” said Kelly. “I always admired the way he took pride in every site as if it was his own building, right down to making sure every window was shut and every door locked up and safe with the alarm set. He would always go that extra mile for his customers and team even when they didn’t expect it.” 

Kelly says that this customer care is something she carried forward when setting up her own business, MCS Cleaning & Maintenance. She added: “From handwriting everyone’s birthday cards to recognising people’s achievements with Spin the Wheel and Site of the Month, the business is committed to upholding the same level of care and dedication that our customers have come to expect.”

Gemclean, now operating under the MCS Cleaning & Maintenance banner, will continue to thrive and provide top-notch cleaning services to customers across Berkshire and beyond.

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