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NEC Group announces ‘ground-breaking’ carbon savings through improved waste management practices

UK live events company, NEC Group, has announced its ground-breaking environmental achievement of carbon savings – the equivalent of 3,670 tree saplings breathing for the next decade.

Working in partnership with international facilities service specialist OCS Group and sustainable waste management company Biffa, the NEC Group is taking its next steps towards net zero by 2040, by improving its sustainable waste management operations. This forms part of the NEC Group’s newly published Better Events ESG Plan.

The partnership, formed in August 2020, uses fewer vehicles to travel fewer miles to deliver higher compaction rates. This is achieved through the implementation of one vehicle and driver onsite 24/7, scheduling food collections supported by the wider fleet, a higher specification packer technology to drive time and volume efficiencies, and a continued drive to reduce, reuse and recycle. This supports the Group’s ambitions to make its waste management practices more environmentally friendly.

The Group, OCS and Biffa are proud to announce their outstanding contribution to the environment, resulting in the reduction of carbon emissions by nearly 222 tonnes per year, the equivalent of 3,670 tree saplings breathing for the next 10 years.

These carbon savings also equate to the carbon emissions from charging 27m mobile phones, travelling 569,108 miles in an average family car, or the electricity needed to power 257 average UK homes for a year.

“We are incredibly proud to have reached this milestone,” said Steve Cartmell, Group FM Contract Support Manager at the NEC Group. “Our dedication to environmental responsibility is deeply rooted in our values, and this accomplishment reinforces our commitment to making a tangible difference. We hope that our success serves as an inspiration for others across the industry to join us in creating a sustainable world for future generations.”

Darren Hawkins, Head of Soft Services – NEC Group at OCS Group said: “We have worked with the NEC Group for over a decade, providing a comprehensive range of FM (including waste management) and security services to support their venues. This latest initiative reflects our ongoing commitment to supporting our customers’ ESG agendas and ambitions through innovative supplier partnerships, products and services that deliver real impact and value for everyone.”

Kerry-Louise Halford, Regional Commercial Manager at Biffa said: “Through our innovative partnerships, we have successfully amassed a carbon savings equivalent to the collective oxygen generated by 3,670 tree saplings over the span of a decade. We are here to change the way people think about waste, and this achievement showcases how we can harness innovation to tackle climate change and work towards a net zero future.”

The Group has reduced its carbon tonnes per annum by near 85 per cent since the partnership began, with further improvements planned. Biffa is due to open a new waste management centre in Meriden this summer, just four miles from the NEC Group headquarters. This is set to save even more carbon by reducing the current travel miles.

Through strategic partnerships and a dedicated workforce, the NEC Group, OCS and Biffa have effectively demonstrated that sustainable practices are attainable and better for business.

For more information and to read the NEC Group Better Events ESG Plan in full, visit: https://bit.ly/NECGrpESG.

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