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New Year’s resolutions for sustainable cleaning

Sustainability will remain a key priority for many industries in 2023. But with anxieties around green washing at an all-time high, how can we make sure our eco commitments are meaningful? James Law, Commercial Director at 2Pure Products, explains

In recent years, we’ve seen a huge increase in the availability of so-called ‘eco’ cleaning products on the market. ‘Going green’ is now a major influence on any purchasing decision, as clients demand effective products that are also kind to the planet.

Customers look to us as manufacturers and distributors to guide them in making the right choices for carbon reduction. But when it comes to sustainable cleaning, it is important to make sure we are not simply green washing. These commitments must be effective and meaningful, and consider the whole lifecycle of the product, process, and practice.

What do we mean by green cleaning?

When making purchasing decisions on cleaning products, you need to look at each one in turn and assess its green credentials.

Sometimes purchasers can become too narrowly focussed on one thing. They find a product that cleans well and contains no harmful chemicals and think that’s the end of the story.

But, with so many parts of the supply chain contributing to your carbon footprint, it’s vital to consider the entire process when making these kinds of decisions.

Chemical content

Look at the raw ingredients of any cleaner you’re choosing and make sure that they are safe both for people and the environment. They should be non-irritant, non-hazardous, and 100 per cent biodegradable.


When selecting a new product, consider what the bottles and packaging are made from. Are they made from 100 per cent recycled plastic or cardboard?


Another point to be aware of is how the supplier transports the goods for delivery. Do they offset the carbon generated from this activity?


The supplier’s job does not end at delivery. You should ask your suppliers what they offer to support customers’ sustainability targets. Do they offer a recycling service, for example?

Our commitment to green cleaning

At 2Pure Products, every part of our operation is centred around sustainability. From the non-irritant, 100 per cent biodegradable ingredients in the cleaning solution, to the 100 per cent recycled plastic bottles, the carbon offsetting, and closed loop recycling system, our whole process has been designed to have as little impact on the planet as possible.

One customer that can testify to our green credentials is Care UK, one of the UK’s largest independent care providers. They operate more than 150 homes around the country offering expert residential and nursing care, and are specialists in dementia, respite, and end-of-life care.

Care UK was one of the first major companies to adopt our revolutionary product and today, every Care UK home uses OdorBac Tec4 as its main cleaning product. Sustainability was an important consideration for Care UK when selecting a new cleaning product. Thanks to 2Pure Products’ green commitments, Care UK has saved 3,690 kilograms of C02, and has prevented 2,775 kilograms of virgin plastic being produced, over the past year.

Closed loop innovations

We have been committed to reducing our environmental impact since we formed the company in 2014. However, we have recently taken one further green step, by launching the UK’s first closed loop recycling system to the cleaning and FM market.

The LoopBoxTM system is the first initiative of its kind in the UK to recycle both containers and packaging. Our market leading OdorBac Tec4 multi-purpose cleaner will now be delivered in the innovative LoopBoxTM. When the OdorBac Tec4 container is empty, it is put back into the LoopBoxTM, collected by our UK distributor, BCHS, and returned to their local depot.

On their next delivery date, we collect from BCHS and return to our factory, where the containers are sorted, cleaned, and dried. They are then re-filled, re-packed in a LoopBoxTM, and re-delivered to distributor depots, returning the containers to the closed loop cycle.

The LoopBoxTM system prevents virgin plastic from ever being produced, re-using OdorBac’s recycled plastic bottle again and again. No additional journeys are made for collection or delivery, and 2Pure also offsets the carbon on all its scheduled delivery and collection journeys, slashing CO2 emissions. Customers can see their plastic and C02 savings every month, in a customised report.

Outstanding efficacy

There is often a misconception around green cleaning products, with some people believing that an eco-friendly cleaning product may not be as effective. But investing in a sustainable product does not mean compromising on its efficacy.

For example, OdorBac Tec4 is the safest, most powerful all-in-one odour eliminator and truly multi-purpose commercial cleaner in the world. With unparalleled performance, OdorBac Tec4 inhibits microbial growth and is effective against coronavirus. Due to its patented technology, it is capable of replacing over 90% of customers’ existing cleaning products, reducing risk, training and cost while increasing efficiency, speed and results.

By offering a high-performance product that has been manufactured in the most sustainable way using 100 per cent renewable energy, we can support our customers in achieving their own green cleaning ambitions.


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