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Plan to plant with Jangrow

Jangro, the largest network of independent janitorial distributors in the UK and Ireland, has introduced ‘Jangrow’, its innovative tree planting scheme. This initiative will see infant cell trees gifted to customers, which can then be planted in their own grounds or surroundings to capture carbon from the atmosphere, act as a carbon sink, and, ultimately, help create a better planet.

Twice a year, Jangro depots across the network will deliver Silver Birch cell trees to selected customers, based on qualifying criteria. This includes their sales and order history, as well as any new or existing orders placed for sustainable products.

Silver Birches make the perfect choice for this scheme: they are sturdy, can be planted anywhere across the country, have an urban life expectancy of 75 years, and capture 3224Kg of CO2 at maturity. They grow at a rate of 50cm per year and reach full maturity around 15 years.

Together with the infant cell trees, customers will receive full instructions on the box, plus a QR code that can be scanned once the tree has been planted. This will log the location and date of planting, enabling Jangro to track the total number of Jangrow trees planted across the UK & Ireland. A map highlighting this with the total carbon captured will be available to view on jangro.net.

Jo Gilliard, CEO of Jangro, commented: “We gave visitors to The Cleaning Show a sneak peek of Jangrow earlier this year and are so excited that it has now come to fruition. Trees absorb CO2 and restore biodiversity. They clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, prevent soil erosion and flooding, and give life to wildlife and house ecosystems. All of which make for a better planet! We can’t wait to watch these trees grow and see the total amount of carbon captured over the coming years.”

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