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Preparing your municipal fleet for the winter

With winter just around the corner, Paul Beddows, Sales Director at Dawsongroup | emc, shares his top tips for keeping your road sweeper fleet operational and on the road this season

Municipal fleets play a vital role in keeping our towns and cities safe and clean. Road sweepers, in particular, are a key vehicle in any local authority’s municipal fleet, removing dangerous materials – such as glass or metal – from pavements and roads, keeping gutters clear and reducing the risk of flooding.

With an estimated 1,110 to 2,100 tonnes of debris per street acre removed each year, road sweepers cover a lot of ground, on a very regular basis, and without them our environment would deteriorate very quickly.

They are essential pieces of equipment that are used all year round. But as the winter months and adverse weather conditions arrive, road sweeping is more important than ever. From autumnal leaf debris to grit and dirt, the winter months bring a number of challenges for local authorities. Having the right machines in your fleet and making sure they are ready for the unpredictable weather conditions ahead is crucial to efficient municipal operations.

Here are Dawsongroup emc’s five top tips for staying on the road this winter and keeping streets and pavements clean and safe.

Choose Your Machines Wisely

Having the right municipal vehicles in your fleet that can tackle the challenges of winter road cleaning is key. Look for a sweeper with a high-powered engine, designed with reliability and durability in mind. Low fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions will also offset the prolonged time it may take to tackle street cleaning during adverse weather conditions. It’s also worth opting for a model that has several sweeping performance levels, as pollution and debris will likely be more stubborn at this time of year.

Servicing and Maintenance

Ensuring you stay on top of fleet maintenance is incredibly important at any point during the year, but it can be a lifesaver during winter. Many rental agreements come with R&M (repair and maintenance) cover included. For example, our nationwide coverage of field service engineers ensures that wherever one of our machines breaks down, we can have a response to you within four hours. We also have a 92% 24-hour fix rate, which means we can get your vehicle back on the road the next day. If we can’t get your machine roadworthy in time, we also have the option of a replacement machine while yours is out of service.

Safety First

In addition to regular servicing, it is wise to regularly check the vehicle condition during the winter period. From switching to winter tyres and checking the tread, to topping up anti-freeze and screen wash, make sure your vehicles are ready for snowy and icy conditions, whenever they are needed on the road.

Driver Training

Make sure that your drivers are prepared for difficult weather conditions by keeping their training up to date. This will ensure that your vehicles are used in the most efficient manner, ultimately saving you time and money.

Winterproof Your Fleet

Most municipal and industrial road sweepers can have snow ploughs and gritters added to them for the winter months. This not only keeps you operational regardless of the weather, but it also keeps your drivers safe when driving on slippery roads and pavements.

One Stop Shop

When building or renewing your fleet, it is worth considering an asset or fleet management firm. When you go directly to the manufacturer you only have access to their vehicles, but if you work with a supplier like Dawsongroup emc, you have access to numerous premium brands, all backed up with a service and maintenance package. This not only ensures that your fleet is fit for purpose all year round, but it also gives you peace of mind that your vehicles will remain operational, even during the most challenging seasons.

To find out more, visit dawsongroupemc.co.uk.

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