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Professional cleaning – the importance of social value

With customers placing increasing importance on social value, Gareth Cowmeadow, Key Account Director at Kingdom Cleaning, explains how the firm’s conscious cleaning strategy supports these CSR demands.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has moved beyond being just a buzzword for businesses to enhance their image. It has become an essential part of business operations for companies that want to stay relevant and make a positive difference in a rapidly changing world.

In the cleaning and hygiene sector, companies are under increasing pressure to demonstrate their commitment to social value, and customers now consider the entire social value chain when choosing their suppliers.

More than clean spaces

At Kingdom Cleaning, we recognise that there is more to cleaning than just creating hygienic spaces. We understand that our clients expect us to deliver a first-rate standard of cleaning, as well as improve efficiencies and create great environments for work, rest, and play. As a result, we have developed conscious cleaning strategies that focus on social, environmental, and ethical practices.

Our ethos of “professional cleaning with a conscience” guides everything we do, from caring for our people and the planet, to supporting our clients in delivering on important social and environmental targets.

We want all of our 2,000 team members to be, and feel, their authentic self at work. After all, our people are our prime asset. This is why we have a number of initiatives in place to ensure our colleagues are treated fairly and with respect.

Fair pay

One of the most important things a cleaning company can do to make things better for their employees is to pay a fair wage. In-work poverty is increasingly becoming one of the UK’s major socio-economic challenges. As a Living Wage Foundation Recognised Service Provider, we passionately believe that those that are willing to work hard for their wages should be rewarded sufficiently, to be able to live and enjoy life.

Diversity and inclusion

We also place great importance on equality and in January 2022 we became a member of Inclusive Companies, a network to support equality, diversity and inclusivity. It encourages a working environment where the differences of each employee are recognised and valued.

Personal and professional development

Training and development are also critical commitments for us to ensure our people can progress in their careers and learn new skills.

Sustainable cleaning

Sustainability is a core aspect of our conscious cleaning strategies. We only offer carbon-neutral cleaning and use environmentally friendly products. We work closely with a small and trusted network of partners and suppliers who share our commitment to advancing social, environmental, and ethical standards.

We also reuse machinery and equipment to give it a longer life, and to reduce the amount of material and single use plastics sent to landfill, or ending up in our oceans and waterways.

Cleaning with a conscience

Our adoption of sustainable business practices demonstrates our commitment to social value and the health and well-being of everything around us. As a responsible partner for clients, our conscious cleaning strategies focus on social, environmental, and ethical practices that deliver value to our clients, employees, and the planet.

Ensuring social value is central to the health and wellbeing of everything around us. And with customers increasingly demanding partners that share their morals, it is vital that the industry embraces sustainable business operations.


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