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Rentokil Pest Control launches intelligent internal rat control solution

Rentokil Pest Control has launched an industry first; an intelligent rodent control monitoring system for use in internal settings. The Internal Dual Autogate (IDAG) is a slimline, robust, metal bait box, providing a professional and low-profile solution for internal rodent monitoring and control.

The IDAG provides access for rats and mice, while at the same time reducing the risk of accidental rodenticide spillage, and enables Rentokil Pest Control to comply with the latest CRRU code of practice on responsible use of rodenticides.

Suitable for use in all commercial settings from warehousing and manufacturing to offices, retail and leisure, Rentokil Pest Control’s new IDAG system delivers immediate, sustainable internal rodent control capability, helping businesses address the rising threat of infestations. Since 2019, milder winters and repeated lockdowns during the pandemic led to significant falls in footfall, and are two of the factors that are likely to have helped contribute to a 30% increase in rat numbers.

Previous research commissioned by Rentokil Initial shows that rodent infestations could cost British businesses huge sums of money each year, and can lead to a decrease in staff morale in public-facing businesses where rodents are seen by employees. Launched ahead of the main breeding season, IDAG allows early identification of rodent issues, allowing faster detection and control of rodent pest activity.

IDAG is fully compatible with PestConnect, Rentokil Pest Control’s digital intelligent connected pest management and control system, which provides an early warning system, and 24/7 information on internal rodent activity levels.

Under test conditions, when given a choice between traditional metal bait boxes and the new slimline IDAG unit, rats and mice consistently chose to access the IDAG. Its robust metal housing – in addition to avoiding the replacement cost for damaged units – provides a cleaner, more professional look for public areas, and through the targeted use of rodenticide offers reputational benefits for customers keen to highlight their sustainability credentials.

Paul Blackhurst, Head of the Technical Academy at Rentokil Pest Control commented: “Onsite rodent activity is not only a huge financial risk for businesses, it also poses a health hazard for employees, customers and visitors on the premises, and can alarm those involved.

“The Internal Dual Autogate product is a permanent solution for businesses committed to delivering an environment where work and productivity can flourish. Once positioned onsite, it helps as part of a wider pest management programme in providing data insights on rodent activity and round-the-clock protection, giving peace of mind to the customer. The clever design of the unit ensures that rodenticide access is targeted to pest rodent species as well as minimising any danger of accidental spillage.”

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