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Robert Scott to showcase latest sustainable ranges at Interclean

Cleaning product manufacturer Robert Scott will present its latest range of sustainable product innovations at this year’s Interclean in response to the growing market demand for green cleaning solutions.

In its latest customer research, Robert Scott identified three trends that will have the biggest impact on the cleaning sector in 2022 and beyond: reducing plastic waste, green cleaning and increased visibility and frequency of cleaning.

When it comes to green cleaning, the research found three key areas that businesses believe to be of greatest importance to improving sustainability are reducing plastic waste (75 per cent), using products made from recycled materials (60 per cent), and implementing more reusable products into cleaning regimes (55 per cent).

Robert Scott will be showcasing its latest ranges designed to meet these priorities such as Ecofibre – a new range of products made from recycled materials that includes the Ecofibre cloth – made from 55 per cent recycled plastic and offering the same cleaning power of traditional microfibre, and the Ecofibre scourer – a recycled, non-scratch scouring pad for tough, eco-friendly cleaning that’s made using 40 per cent plant fibres including nut shells and 15 per cent recycled polyester.

Robert Scott will also be demonstrating its Toucan Eco range – a powerful, eco-friendly and safe disinfectant cleaner that’s produced on-demand from water, salt and electricity. Its active compounds are hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and a low concentration of sodium hypochlorite (NaClO), which creates a powerful, eco-friendly and safe solution, reducing the need for over 80 per cent of synthetic chemical cleaners and the single-use plastic bottles they are supplied in. The solution is proven to kill up to 99.999% of germs and is certified to EN antiviral and antibacterial tests.

Delegates will be able to see the portable eSpray and Worktop units, as well as the larger Active Plus unit in action, along with its range of application accessories including recycled spray bottles and the new Toucan Eco Atomiser.

In addition, Robert Scott will have a range of products made from sustainably sourced materials such as FSC-certified brush ware, recycled cotton mops and cloths, and recycled plastic spray bottles and buckets. To support businesses as they move away from the disposable products that have been used widely during the pandemic, Robert Scott will have its range of best-selling reusable microfibre innovations including the Pro-mist spray mop kit, Duop Reach and the Easy Wash flat mop kit, on stand.

Robert Scott’s Clean Team will also be on hand to offer delegates guidance on each range to help businesses find the right solutions for their needs, with live demonstrations, one-to-one advice, how-to guides and product samples including their sustainable product catalogue available in a downloadable e-format.

Alastair Scott, Sales Director at Robert Scott, said: “A lot has changed within the sector since our last visit to Interclean, but I believe that the changing demands of the market that we’re seeing will really drive the improvements our sector needs to make in reducing its environmental impact, both in the immediate term and for future generations. 

“We’ve invested heavily in our sustainable product innovation and our whole team is looking forward to presenting these ranges to delegates that we’ve not had the opportunity to meet face-to-face over the last two years. The pandemic has shown us that greater visibility of cleaning processes is here to stay; businesses that choose to invest in products that will help improve efficiencies for their staff and customers, and do so more sustainability, will be the ones to succeed as the market moves forwards.” 


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