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Sanitiser Sentinel partners with phs Group

The life-saving tech developers behind the Sanitiser Sentinel, the world’s first spoken and visual reminder for hand sanitisation, have announced a new partnership with leading hygiene services provider phs Group across the UK and Ireland.

New to the market but already being adopted in a number of countries around the world, the innovative patented Sanitiser Sentinel is the world’s first visual and spoken hand sanitisation reminder, complete with flashing lights and 26 selectable messages built in and is already available in over 20 different languages. The Sentinel helps to saves lives by playing a role in limiting the spread of harmful diseases in shared workspaces, public bathrooms and supermarkets, to name but a few places. Ultimately it helps to eliminate the potential for human error, as so often sanitising stations are not monitored.

The Sanitiser Sentinel works as a standalone unit or alternatively can be attached above or close to a hand sanitiser/soap dispenser. Complete with an infra-red sensor that detects when a person comes within range of the machine, which triggers the sensor, a light then flashes and the machine will then play a recorded message that will remind passers-by to wash or sanitise their hands.

Having already been successfully installed throughout several NHS and private practices across the UK for clinical trials, the life-saving tech is now being distributed by phs Group through its sales team across the UK and Ireland.

phs Group are the leading hygiene services provider in the UK, Ireland and Spain, supporting customers from all areas, including restaurants, offices, supermarkets, schools and hospitals.

The partnership between Sanitiser Sentinel and phs Group is a few months in the making and is set to begin distribution and installation within the coming weeks.

Vivian Blick, Co-Founder of www.sanitisersentinel.com, said: “In all of my years of global product inventions, manufacturing and production, I don’t think I have ever worked on a project that has the potential to save so many lives. We are excited to be announcing our partnership with phs Group to help not only save lives but also help limit the spread of harmful diseases, with a real focus on Covid-19 right now. Being able to work in partnership with an already well-established company in this industry will truly help us to get the Sanitiser Sentinel message out there for all to hear. We have already had a huge interest from both clinical and private organisations, alongside global distribution companies, which shows just how valued and necessary this product already is.”

Amanda Haywood, Head of Product Development at www.phs.co.uk said: “phs Group are excited about this new partnership with Sanitiser Sentinel. We are passionate about creating a safe environment for people and Sanitiser Sentinel helps to enforce this message without the need for someone to physically enforce hand sanitisation. The rules and guidelines we’re all facing right now are not quite engrained in us, so this will help to reduce human error and limit the spread of many viral or bacterial infections.”

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