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Save water with your commercial washing machine

Washing clothes, linen and towels is an essential part of your operation. But with rates as high as they are, doing the laundry doesn’t have to be wasteful. As we all look to save a few pennies and do more to reduce our environmental impact, adopting a few eco-friendly washing practices worth doing. Here are just some of the ways you can save water, energy, and reduce your carbon footprint – without compromising on results.

Reduce your washing machine use wherever you can

Commercial washing machine water usage will always depend on the kinds of loads your laundry room is processing. While it’s unlikely you’ll be able to completely eliminate laundry – particularly where infection control is a priority, and thermal or chemical disinfection is vital – looking for opportunities to reduce laundry could still make a difference. Reusing lightly worn clothes, or investing in uniforms that need less frequent washing are great starting points.

A full load is always more efficient

It might seem a little obvious, but running a washing machine with a full load is a simple yet effective way to save water and energy. Washing a full load of laundry is the most water-efficient choice, so simply try to wait until you’ve got enough items to fill the machine. If you do have to wash only a few items, try to adjust the settings to a shorter cycle, to avoid waste. Also, skip the extra rinse cycle – the right amount of detergent and proper loading should always work wonders.

Reduce water use with ozone technology

Ozone technology, such as JLA’s OTEX cold-wash disinfection system, allows you to set lower washing machine temperatures without compromising effectiveness. In tests at Southampton Showcase Hospital, the system – using no hot water – saved 36.49% on water, gas and electricity while reducing detergent usage by 50%+.

Elsewhere, smart wash technology also helps you balance quality and cost savings by ‘thinking’ about the optimal water and detergent levels for each load, which cuts down on waste.

Upgrade to a newer, more efficient machine

The latest generation of commercial washing machines are designed to significantly reduce water consumption. Smart washing machines come with optimised drum design and sensors that adjust water volume and detergent use based on load weight. This makes sure you always get the most effective use of water, energy, and detergent in every cycle.

Effective detergents and pre-treating chemicals

Utilising commercial detergents to ensure garments are fully cleaned without require additional washes can also reduce water consumption. Also, having a pre-treating process for heavily soiled or stained laundry can help to reduce water in the long run by avoiding re-washing clothing a second time.

Monitor your laundry use with connected assets

Innovations provide real-time usage data and energy estimates for your compatible commercial laundry equipment. By monitoring your laundry’s performance and machine efficiency, you can then make informed decisions about usage and start to minimise unnecessary energy consumption.

Try a pre-programmed eco cycle

If you’re using equipment that doesn’t have built-in smart cycles, you’ll still be able to conserve washing machine water using its pre-programmed cycles. ‘Eco’ modes are often underused, but are designed to reduce water, energy, and emissions. So, just by choosing the right cycle, you can make a difference.

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