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Labels to change for pest controlled related products

Following the United Nation’s (UN) Global Harmonisation System (GHS) of the classification and labelling of chemicals, pest control and other chemical products will undergo a number of changes to the labels that appear on the product packaging. In terms of timescales, ...

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Essential Flea Guide now available

Pest controllers can now get their hands on a free Flea Guide from Bayer. The guide contains the most up to date information on controlling fleas, from advice on detecting the pest, technical information on the flea life-cycle and its ...

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Label changes to all rodenticides

Pest controllers are being reminded that all product labels of ‘Second Generation Anti-coagulant Rodenticides’ (SGAR’s) will need to be revised this year, in line with CRRU (Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use). Product labels will include a new ‘stewardship phrase’ stating ...

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