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Four ways that the right cleaning wipe can benefit your business in a new normal cleaning environment

The Covid-19 pandemic is changing us in so many ways — one of the most noticeable being our definition of cleanliness. Our perceptions have changed from aesthetically cleaning to clinically cleaning. We’re no longer just worried about the dirt we ...

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How to stop Norovirus in its tracks this winter

Autumn has brought a sharp drop in temperature. As is often the case, this has come hand in hand with a rise in news stories about Norovirus outbreaks. A school in Lancashire was closed just a few weeks ago after ...

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5 food hygiene tips for a clean retail kitchen

Proper food hygiene is vital to avoid food poisoning and the spread of bacteria. Here, Mike Hardman, from catering equipment supplier Alliance Online, gives us his five food hygiene tips for a clean retail kitchen. Kitchen hygiene is important but, ...

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Cross contamination in the workplace

In an office environment, a lot of items are shared. You’ll see numerous people using the same cups, plates and bowls, the same towels and cloths, etc. You’ll have multiple people touching the same surfaces and furniture over the course ...

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Survey finds handwashing habits leave a lot to be desired

As the world marks the 11th annual Global Handwashing Day (GHD), a new study from Initial Washroom Hygiene has shown that British families’ handwashing habits leave a lot to be desired. Initial’s survey of 2,000 families has found that almost ...

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